ZEN psychology indulges in the long-drawn process of analysis.  ZEN is a vertical journey and moves like an arrow to hit the target.  It functions with surgical precision.  Zen is the purest science of transformation.  People do not give each other enough space.  All our relationships are like this. 

Dr. Karl Menninger was once asked, ” What would you advise a person, if you knew that he was going to have a nervous breakdown ?”  He gave an unusual reply, “I would advise the person to lock his home, go to the other side of town, find someone in need and help that person.  By doing that, we get out of our own way.” 

We keep hiding behind our social masks.  Zen teaches us to learn how to unmask ourselves and find our original face.  Zen has nothing to do with MORALITY.  It has everything to do with ORIGINALITY.  The end result—-REAL MORALITY emerges out of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, not out of BEHAVIOUR, SOCIAL CONDUCT or the HYPOCRICY OF SOCIETY. 

The ways of heaven

Tao Te Ching 77 writes :  The way of Heaven, is it not like stretching a bow ?  What is high up is pressed down, what is low down is lifted up ; what has surplus  is reduced, what is deficient is supplemented.  The way of Heaven it reduces those who have surplusses to supplement those who are deficient. 

The way of man is just not so : it reduces those who are deficient to offer those who have surplusses.  Who can offer his surplusses to the world?  ONLY A PERSON WHO HAS TAO.

The chapter 1 Samuel 2.4-9  says:  The bows of the mighty are broken, but the feeble gird on strength.  Those who were full have hired themselves out for bread, but those who were hungry have ceased to hunger.  The barren has borne seven, but she who has many chilren is forlorn.  The Lord makes poor and makes rich; He brings low, He also exalts.  He raises up he poor from the dust.  He lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes and inherit a seat of honour.  For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s and on them He has set the world.  He will guard the feet of His faithful ones ; but the wicked will be cut off in darkness.; for not by might shall a man prevail.  

Some questions

Some questions and their answers : 

1) What is beneficial than anything else ? RIGHTEOUSNESS.

2)What is most desirable for human beings ?  A LIFE DEDICATED TO ONE’S AND OTHERS’ WELFARE. 

3)  Who is the foe ?  It is but IDLENESS. 

4)  What is the cause of greatness ?  That which is known AS NOT ASKING FAVOURS. 

5)  What is unhappiness ?  CHEERLESSNESS. 

6)  What is un-intelligence?  NOT REPEATING WHAT IS LEARNT. 

7)  What is transient like the water on alotus leaf ?  YOUTH, WEALTH & LIFE. 

8)  What is priceless ?  THAT WHICH IS GIVEN AT THE RIGHT  MOMENT. 

9)  What pains like a shaft till death ?  THE SIN COMMITTED IN SECRECY. 

10)  Which is the destroyer of all  good qualities ?  GREED. 

11)  What is heinous ?  CRUELTY. 

12) What is more painful than death ?  INFAMY. 

13)  Who grows ?  THE HUMBLE. 

14)  Who is the protector of the world ?  THE SUN. 

15)  What is the cause of livelihood for everyone ?  RAIN. 

16)  Who is the fit recipient of the gift of food?  THE HUNGRY.  



AQUARIUS :  You hate reality.  The secret you wants a private fantasy world.  

PISCES :  The secret side is the bully.  As longasyou getyour own way by tact and diplomacy, it stays hidden.

ARIES :  You need a very solid basis or your life and this secret you can often thwart unsolid plans. 

TAURUS :   Secretly you;re a talker, a communicator ; it’s other people who turn you into a listener.  

GEMINI :  Yoy’re very caring, but your way of showing it fools everyone, even you. 

CANCER :  Secretly you want to be admired, instead you seem to be the support/doormat of others who shine. 

LEO:  Inside, the secret you yearns to retreat to a hidden lair; instead thr world keeps knocking at your door — and you keep answering it. 

VIRGO :  Secretly, you don’t want to go it alone ; you want an understanding mate .

LIBRA :  Deep down you are aggressive; you astound everyone when the secret you throws its weight around. 

SCORPIO :  You’d like to impart your wisdom to others but they won’ listen and you’re too busy anyway. 

SAGITTARIUS :  Your secret is ambition ; that cheerful take-life-as-it-comes attitude is a facade. 

CAPRICORN :  You’re stubborn, but you deny it vehemently.


COMMITMENT IS :  Not TRYING , but DOING ; Seeking the opposite of OMISSION ; Changing MAYBE into CERTAINTY ;  Putting OTHERS 1st without a 2nd THOUGHT ; Sharing GOOD NEWS after it’s OLD to you;  Doing things that please an ABSENT FRIEND ; Like BEING PREGNANT: you either are or you are’nt; Leaving your warm bed, when a small voice says “I’M COLD” ;  Spending 2 years teaching a child how to walk and talk and 18 years expaining how to sit down and be quiet ;  Enjoying a visit before you’ve gone and after you return ; 

Learning to love the things you hate to do ;  Burning your bridges behind you,not in front of you ;  Aiming at a target that most people can’t even see and HITTING IT ;  Reading inspirational books through to the last chapter . 

Today is Holi.  Osho says: EXISTENCE IS ENJOYING HOLI EVERYDAY.  In nature, colours flow afresh everyday, new flowers open each morning.  Even before the old leaves fall, the new buds are bursting out and the new shoots are  springing up.  The festival of Holi does not stop even for a moment. 


1)  Be a swinger :  B.A.SWINGER 

2) I NEED A MAN : Anita Mann 

3) ALLIGATOR : Ali Gator 

4) ALPHABET :  Alf Abet 

5) VERY SMELLY :  Barry Shmelly  

6) BARTENDER :  Bart Ender 

7)  I NEED A BATH: Anita Bath  .  

Now for marriage names :

1) If Oprah Winfrey married Deepak Chopra, she’d be  OPRAH CHOPRA 

2)  If Bo Derek married Don Ho, she’d be BO HO 

3)  If Cat Stevens married Snoop Doggy Dog she’d be CAT DOGGY DOG 

4) If Tuesday Weld married Hal March 3rd, she’d be  TUESDAY MARCH 3RD. 

Here is another piece of Picturesque Speech ;  Vincent Van Gogh.  Gogh is pronounced as GO.  His DIZZY SISTER is VERTI GOGH and one of his uncles, a magician,is WHEREDIDDY GOGH. 

What’s in a name ?   Just ask : King Fisher, Frank N Stein ,M.T Head, Minnie Vann, Pearl Harper, Phil Harmonica, Cracker Jack, Dollar Bill, West Virginia. 

If only my parents had named me Sword, my phone-book listing mighthave given me an edge (surname first ) Sword Wilkinson becomes WILKINSON SWORD.

What did you say again??


These were gleaned from 5th and 6th standard exams, essays and class room discussions:

1) You can listen to thunder after lightning and tell how close you came to getting hit.  If you don’t hear it, YOU GOT HIT, so never mind. 

2) A VIBRATION is a motion that cannot make up its mind which way to go .

3) When planets go round and round in circles, we say they RE ORBITING.  When people do it we say THEY ARE CRAZY.  

4)  Vacuums are nothing.  We only mention them to let them know we know they’re there. 

5) We say the cause of perfumes disappearing is EVAPORATION.  Evaporation  gets blamed for many things people forget to put the top on.  

6) I am not sure how clouds get formed.  But the clouds know how to do it and that’s the important thing.  

7)  ISOTHERMS and ISOBARS are even more important  than their names sound. 

8) In what way are we dependent on the sun ?  We can always depend upon the sun for SUNBURNS and TIDAL WAVES


What is a PILGRIMAGE ?  Who is a PILGRIM ?  All pilgrimage spots are located in the heart of a person who performs noble actions and whose heart is devoid of bitterness and rancour.  Keeping one’s word, simplicity, listening to one’s teachers, taking care of parents, respecting women, serving guests ————all these actions are pilgrimages, which does not necessarily require a spatial (in space) displacement. 

Of all pilgrimages FORGIVENESS is the biggest of all.  A  PILGRIM is one whose body and inner self are in control, who is not covetous, egotistical and free from arrogance and deceit..To benefit from a pilgrimage, one has to conquer anger, speak the truth and possess no false sense of superiority.  The MAHABHARATA  asks the potential pilgrim one final question : Does a person who has been cooled by truth and forgiveness require a dip at any pilgrimage spot? The MAHAKUMBH is a call to wake up before the dissolution of the body and an exhortation to just keep on going…


MNEMONICS—- .———-(usually formulae or rhymes used as memory- aids ) 

1( George Ellen’s Old Grandmother Rode A Pig Home Yesterday.  ( Capital letters in each word  spells GEOGRAPHY )

2)  Men Very Easily Make Jugs Serve Useful Purposes or My Very Elegant Mother Just Sat Upon Nine Porcupines.  ( The Ist letter in each word gives you  the 1st letter of the PLANETS in order  :Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune, Pluto.  

3)Eat An Aspirin After A Nighttime Snack:  (7 Continents )  Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Australia, N.America, S.America . 

4)  Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived. ( The fate of the six wives of Henry V111. 

5)Righty- Tighty,  Lefty- Loosie (Insertion of nut or bolt is clockwise  (RIGHT) turn to tighten;  counterclockwise or anticlockwise  (LEFT)  to get it off something. 

For whom?

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire.  He was asked to build one last house.  He did so resorting to shoddy workmanship and using inferior materials.  When he house was ready, the owner handed over the keys to the old carpenter, saying it was a gift from him (the owner).  The carpenter …was shocked.  If he had known he was building his own house, he would have done it all so differently. 

So it is with us.  We build our lives, a day at a time, often putting less than our best into the building.  Then, with a shock, we realise we have to live in the house  we have built.  If we could do it over, we’d do it much differently.  But we cannot go back.  You are the carpenter.  Each day you hammer a nail, place a board or erect a wall.  ” Life is a do-it-yourself project “, someone has said,  Your attitudes and the choices you make today, build the house you live in tomorrow. BUILD WISELY.  

Remember…………WORK like you don’t need the MONEY.  LOVE like you’ve never BEEN HURT.  DANCE like nobody is WATCHING.