Some questions

Some questions and their answers : 

1) What is beneficial than anything else ? RIGHTEOUSNESS.

2)What is most desirable for human beings ?  A LIFE DEDICATED TO ONE’S AND OTHERS’ WELFARE. 

3)  Who is the foe ?  It is but IDLENESS. 

4)  What is the cause of greatness ?  That which is known AS NOT ASKING FAVOURS. 

5)  What is unhappiness ?  CHEERLESSNESS. 

6)  What is un-intelligence?  NOT REPEATING WHAT IS LEARNT. 

7)  What is transient like the water on alotus leaf ?  YOUTH, WEALTH & LIFE. 

8)  What is priceless ?  THAT WHICH IS GIVEN AT THE RIGHT  MOMENT. 

9)  What pains like a shaft till death ?  THE SIN COMMITTED IN SECRECY. 

10)  Which is the destroyer of all  good qualities ?  GREED. 

11)  What is heinous ?  CRUELTY. 

12) What is more painful than death ?  INFAMY. 

13)  Who grows ?  THE HUMBLE. 

14)  Who is the protector of the world ?  THE SUN. 

15)  What is the cause of livelihood for everyone ?  RAIN. 

16)  Who is the fit recipient of the gift of food?  THE HUNGRY.  


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