This and that…


Here is a tongue-twister for you!

All I want is a proper cup of coffee made in a proper coffee pot;  You can believe it or not.  But I just want a cup of coffee in a proper coffee pot.  Tin coffee pots or iron coffee pots are of no use to me.  If I can’t have a proper cup of coffee in a proper coffee pot——-I’LL HAVE TEA.

Now for the next part.

(1) Cheats never prosper, but they do get richer faster. 

(2) You’re never too old to learn——something stupid. 

(3) Birds of a feather flock together, especially when they have a common grouse. 

(4) Barking dogs seldom bite others———you being an exception. 

(5) Where there’s a will, there’s a way, especially if it’s the boss’ ill. 

(6)  To wit, no man can serve two masters—-unless both are generous paymasters. 

(7) When the wine is in, the wit is out—-and also some zealously guarded secrets. 

(8) Insanity is doing the same thing—over and over again and expecting different results. 

(9) Don’t despair, not even over the fact that you don’t despair. 

(10) Why do I have a superior- complex?  I’d be happy to explain, but I doubt you’d understand.


The mystic Abu Said Ibn Abi Al Khair was once travelling with his disciples, when they came across a mill.  He said the mill was saying:” Like the Sufi I receive the coarse and give it back refined; I travel around myself and in myself so that I dispel what I do not need”  Profound thought on which to ponder!!


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