This and that…

This article was published in the TOI on the 25th of October, 1996.


If a man runs after money, HE’S MONEY-MAD.  If he keeps it, HE’S A CAPITALIST.  If he spends it, HE’S A PLAYBOY.  If he doesn’t get it, HE’S A NE’ER-DO-WELL.  If he doesn’t try to get it, HE LACKS AMBITION.  If he gets it without working for it, HE’S A PARASITE.  And if he accumulates it after a lifetime of hard work, please call him a FOOL WHO NEVER GOT ANYTHING OUT OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Here is another article that I came across in 2012. The title———–CRAZY FACT——–

Christopher Julius Rock III is known to have said:  You know the world is going crazy when——–The best RAPPER is a WHITE GUY.  The best GOLFER is a BLACK GUY.  The TALLEST GUY in the NBA is a CHINESE.  The SWISS hold the AMERICAS CUP.  France accuses the UNITED STATES of ARROGANCE.  GERMANY doesn’t want to go to war.  And the three most IMPORTANT MEN in America are——–DICK, BUSH and COLON. Need I say more?

Now for the next one on my list.                         


(1) Classical singer—–FROM RAGAS TO RICHES.

(2) Tailor—-ON THE MEND.

(3) Gambler—-DICEY.

(4) Airman—-SOARING.

(5) Gym Instructor—-TAKING SHAPE.

(6) Clergyman—-HEAVENLY.

(7) Psychiatrist—-CRAZY, CRAZY.

(8) Launderer—-DYEING.

(9) Fashion model—-TRENDY.

(10)  Wine merchant—-BREWING UP.


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