10 words you are probably pronouncing wrong

7348-pronunciation.png(1) QUESADILLA—-(Kay- sa- dee- ah ).  Straight from Mexico, a QUESADILLA is a flour or corn tortilla filled with all things yummy.  Stuffed with cheese, veggies or other ingredients, it is folded and served in a half-moon shape.

(2) HORS d’OEUVRES—-( Or- derv )  This is a fancy name for appetizers.  Hors d’oeuvres are small dishes before the main course, typically meant to be eaten by hand.

(3)  BRUSCHETTA—-(Broo- sket- tah, not broo- shedda ).  All the way from Italy, Bruschetta is grilled bread, rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with olive oil.  Toppings can be varied ——–from tomatoes to cured meat.

(4)MASCARPONE-(Mah- scar- poh- nay)——Milky-white in colour, and easy to spread, Mascarpone is an Italian cheese made from cream.  it is the ever so popular ingredient in a Tiramisu.

(5) GNOCCHI—(Nyawk- kee)—- These are small dumplings made from flour, potatoes, semolina or a combination of these ingredients, boiled and served with sauce.

(6) WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE–( woos- tuhr- sheer)—-A spicy, intense sauce, containing vinegar and soy sauce, it is sprinkled in Caesar salad, beef stew, hamburgers and anything else you are willing to try it with.  It is also used to flavour cocktails, like Bloody Mary and Caesar.

(7) ESPRESSO COFFEE–(E- spres- oh, not—ex- presso )—A slightly thicker form of coffee, it is made by the pressurized brewing process and contains more caffeine than other drinks.

(8) CREME FRAICHE ( Krem- fresh)-Thick cream with a mildly tart flavour, Crème Fraiche is usually poured on fresh fruits or used as a garnish with soups.

(9) QUINOA-(Keen- wah, not—kwin- no- a ) —-Quinoa is high on protein, is gluten and cholesterol – free, and takes less time to cook than other whole grains.

(10) MACARON  /  MACAROON.  MACARON ( Mack- ah- rohn ) ——MACAROON ( Mack- ah- roon )—-These are not the same things.  MACARONS are made from egg-whites and almond powder.  MACAROONS are made from shredded coconut.

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Believing in the impossible before breakfast

This is the title of Osho’s book.

Why believe in the impossible before breakfast ?  Osho masterfully turns everything into meditation.  He says : In the morning, when you have just awakened, have a look around you, listen to the chirping of the birds, so that consciously you can see who you are.  This is meditation is all about.  When the whole atmosphere is awake, you can ride on this tide of awakening, and you can enter into your being——AWAKE, ALERT, AWARE, and your whole day will be transformed, because then YOU WLL HAVE A DIFFERENT ORIENTATION.

185_Believing_the_Impossible_bigWhen you are just out of sleep, you are closer to your higher self.  The negative mind is not yet functioning, as you are in tune with your being.  Therefore, it is easier to believe in your hidden potential.  Once you believe it deeply, you can garner strength, which makes the impossible——–POSSIBLE.

Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, paraphrased Oscar Wilde’s quote :  We need to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable.  The original quote goes thus :  Man can believe the impossible, but man can never believe the improbable.

Why ? Because the impossible is just an idea, which can never materialise, so one doesn’t have to do anything to make it happen, if one gears up all the energies, takes the risk and strives hard.  Very few have this courage, so it is convenient not to believe in the improbable.  If you want to go on evolving, IMAGINE THE UNIMAGINABLE, REACH OUT TO THE NEW HORIZONS, TRY TO GO BEYOND THE FRONTIER OF THE KNOWN.



According to the dictionary, PATIENCE is the quality of enduring.

As children we used a little poem to encourage someone who was disheartened.  it went like this :

Patience is a virtue, and virtue is a grace ;

the two put together make a very pretty face.

We had no inkling how it helped he person it was referred to, but now that I’m older, I can see the beauty of being gentle and patient with others, with circumstances and so on.  it is very difficult to be patient if something or something annoys you.  It is easier to give the person a piece of your mind.  Later on, as you look back, you find it has left a bitter taste in your mouth and unhappiness in the heart of the victim of your impatience.

Think how impatient God should be with each one of us.  We commit the same errors day in and day out, yet He looks on us with a lot of love and patience, and does not give us a piece of His mind, knowing our human frailty.  Look at the mother, who so patiently listens to the child, who is always complaining.  She waits for the child to stop. and with great patience explains why the child should not throw tantrums every time it wants something or every time things do not go according to his wishes.  Our spiritual life should be along the same lines.  We are so impatient, when we see no progress in what we are doing, and we are just at the point of giving up.  The next second, things may brighten up, but we have no patience.  Patience takes away worry.

God knows what we need better than you do, and will allow things to happen at the right time.  Be patient.  Patience takes away weakening.  Instead of having a delaying time, a time of letting go, know that God is getting a larger supply ready and must get you ready too.  God’s foundations are steady; and when His patience is within, we are ready while we wait.  Let us run with patience (Heb. 12 :1).  To run with patience is a very difficult thin.  Running is apt to suggest the absence of patience, the eagerness to reach the goal  We associate patience with lying down.  That is an invalid’s patience, which is not hard to achieve.  There is a patience which is harder——-the patience that can run.  To lie down in the time of sickness, in the time of grief, tobe quiet under the stroke of adverse fortune implies a great strength.  But the power to work under a stroke; to have a great weight at your heart, and still to run; to have a deep anguish in your spirit and still perform the daily task, that is greater strength.  The running with patience is —burying our own disappointments not in lethargic quiescence, but in active service—-I the workshop, in our interactions with others, in the contribution to another’s joy.

When all our hopes are gone

“Tis well our hands must keep toiling on

For others’ sake

For strength to bear is found in duty done

And he is best indeed who earns to make

The joy of others cure his own heartache.

Hold steady when the fires burn

When inner lessons come to learn

And from this path there seems no turn

“Let patience have her perfect work”

Watch for God in the events of your life

 There is an old homely proverb that says :  They that watch for providence will never want a Providence to watch for.

Unless you put out your water-jars when it rains you will catch no water. There is no help from God, without watchful expectation on our part.  Many a proffered succour from heaven goes past us, because we are not standing on our watch-tower to catch the far-off indications of its approach, and to fling open the gates of our heart for its entrance.  He whose expectation does not lead him to be on the alert for its coming, will get but little.

9650d9f49f0b4ecdda16ddd328de9de4Watch for God in the events of your life.  We want to be more business-like and use common sense with  God in pleading promises  If you were to go to one of the banks, and see a man go in and out and lay a piece of paper on the table, and take it up again and nothing more –if he did that several times a day, I think there would soon be orders to keep the man out  Those men who come to the bank in earnest, present their checks, then wait to receive the amount they have asked for, then they go, but not without having transacted real business  They do not put the paper down, speak about the excellent signature, and discus the document that they have presented.  They just want their money and are not content without it   These are the people who are always welcome at the bank, and not triflers.  Alas, a great many people play at praying.. They do not expect God to give them an answer, and thus they are mere triflers.  Our Heavenly Father would have us do real business with Him in our praying.  ‘Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find’.  Remember, your expectation shall not be cut off.

Sharing and spreading joy

Once a teacher and his young assistant arrived at a village where the people were angry and quarrelsome.

At their request, he gave them his blessings, and asked them to remain together in the village forever.

In the next village they met joyful people who were cooperating with one another and caring for each other.  the teacher blessed them too, but asked them to leave the village, and spread out across the country.  The puzzled assistant asked the teacher why he had given such different advice.  The teacher said, “Those angry, argumentative people will only spread their unhappiness wherever they go.  So I asked them to stay where they were.  But it is better for the caring people to spread out, taking their happiness with them..  Then others will also learn to be joyful”.


Here is another story :—–One day a man from a nearby village called at the monastery gates, and handed the old monk, who opened it, a magnificent bunch of grapes saying, ” Dear Father, I have brought as a gift the finest grapes my vineyard has produced”.  The monk smiled, “Thank you, I will take them to the Abbot immediately, he will be delighted with this offering”.  But the villager said, “No, no, I brought them for you”.  The man insisted, “Whenever I come by, you open the gates and welcome me.  When I needed help because the crop was destroyed, you shared your meal with me every day”.  But the monk decided to give the bunch of grapes to the Abbot, who had always encouraged him with words of wisdom.  The Abbot was very pleased.  He though of one of the brothers who was very ill.  “I’ll give him these grapes, they may bring some joy to his life”.  But the grapes did not stay in the sick monk’s room for long.  He thought, ” I will give these grapes to Brother Cook, who has been feeding me such nourishing meals to help me recover”.  He gave the grapes to Brother Cook saying, ” They are for you.  You work so hard, take a moment to sit and enjoy them”.  Brother Cook was amazed at the sight of the grapes, then he thought of the newest entrant to the monastery, who might be feeling a little lonely without his family.  When the novice received them, his heart was filled with the glory of God.  just then he recalled the first time he came to the monastery and of the simple old monk who had opened the gates and warmly welcomed him  That gesture allowed him to feel at home in this community of people who knew how to value the wonders of life.  And so, he walked to the monk at the gates.  He said, “Eat and enjoy them, for you spend most of your time alone here, and these grapes will make you very happy”.  Thus the beautiful and luscious bunch of grapes came back to the person who thought of sharing them with others.  Happiness, always has a way of coming full circle.

  Marguerite Theophil.

Did you know?

did-u-know1(1) More than 2000 insect species are discovered each year.

(2) Snails can sleep for 3-4 years at a stretch.

(3) A butterfly has 12,000 eyes.

(4)  Ice-cream was invented in 1620

(5) A Blue Whale needs 3 tonnes of food a day.

(6) Crickets hear things through their knees.

(7) Scotland exports sand to Saudi Arabia.  Is it true ?

(8) There is a waterfall in Hawaii that goes up —-not down.

(9) There is a city in the Sahara that is made entirely of salt.

(10) The human brain is about 80% water.

(11) Cows have 4 stomachs.

(12) There are no turkeys in TURKEY.

(13) The HCL in your stomach could dissolve a nail.

(14) The study of stupidity is called——MOROLOGY.

(15) An octopus has three hearts —-thrice the pangs of heartache felt.

(16) At the Equator, the earth spins at 1000mph.

(17) The heart of a giraffe is 2ft. long.

(18) The carbon in the body could fill 9000 lead pencils.

(19) Adolf Hitler’s cook was Jewish.  He had to taste the food before it was served to Hitler, who was afraid of being poisoned.

(20) Crossing Russia, you will pass 7 Time Zones.

(21) An owl can turn its head 360degrees.

(22) A mosquito has 47 teeth.  I wonder, who had the guts and patience to count them.

(23) An electric eel produces 400 volts.

(24) Honey is used to fill the centre of golf balls.

(25) An atom is about a million times thinner than a human hair.  Wow.

(26) The BOMBAY DUCK is not a duck, but a variety of fish, in fact, a delicacy in Mumbai, previously called Bombay, hence the name Bombay duck.

gajalee-bombay-duckHere is a tasty, yummy recipe —

BOMBAY DUCK CURRY——sent by Hiten Tejwani’s wife Gauri.—–

-8 Bombay ducks (fish) cut into 2 pieces each ;

10 garlic cloves (finely chopped) ;

1inch ginger root (finely chopped) ;

2 green chillies (coarsely ground) ;

2 onions (finely sliced) ; 1 bay leaf ;

1tsp. cumin seed (for seasoning) ;

4 green cardamoms ;

1 cinnamon stick ;

2 whole dried red chillies ;

1/2tsp. each of turmeric and coriander powders ;

1tsp. red chilly powder ;

3tbsps. mustard oil ; salt to taste ; fresh coriander for garnishing.

Method :—-Wash the fish, pat dry, and apply turmeric and salt and keep aside for 15mins.  Heat the mustard oil in a flat, non-stick pan.  When oil smokes, add dry, red chillies, whole spices ( green cardamom, cinnamon stick, bay leaf).  Let it splutter.  Add sliced onion.  Cook for 2mins. Add ginger-garlic-green chilly mix.  Fry well for 2mins. on high flame.  Add the spice powders and 4tbsps. of water.  Move the spice mix to the side of the pan.  Add the fish pieces to the same pan.  Reduce flame to medium, and allow the fish to cook in its own juices for 5mins.  With a spoon, spread the cooked the spice mix over the fish.  Add a cup of water.  Let the fish cook in the gravy for 5mins.  Do not stir too much, as the fish pieces will break.  Add 1tsp. of lemon juice.  Garnish with fresh chopped coriander leaves.  Remove from flame.  Serve hot with rice.

Enjoy the Bombay Duck Curry and mull over the DID YOU KNOW ? matter sent. 

Faith that goes forward triumphs

What a lesson  Columbus gave to the world of perseverance in the face of tremendous difficulties !!

Behind him lay the grey Azores

Behind the gates of Hercules

Before him not the ghost of shores

Before him only shoreless seas.

The good Mate said : “Now we must pray

For lo ! the very stars are gone

Brave Admiral, speak, what shall I say?”

“Why, say, ‘Sail on ! and on ! and on !’

“My men grow mutinous day by day

My men grow ghastly wan and weak !”

The stout Mate thought of home, a spray

Of salt wave washed his swarthy cheek

“What shall I say, brave Admiral, say,

Christopher_Columbus3-2If we sight nought but seas at dawn ?”

“Why, you should say at break of day,

‘Sail on ! sail on ! and on !’ “

They sailed.  They sailed. Then spake the Mate :

“This mad sea shows its teeth tonight

He curls his lip, he lies in wait

With lifted teeth, as if to bite!

Brave Admiral, say but one good word

What shall we do when hope is gone ?”

The words leapt like a leaping sword

Sail on ! sail on ! sail on ! and on !”

Then, pale and worn, he kept his deck

And peered through darkness.  Ah! that night

Of all dark nights ! and then a speck

A light ! A light ! A light ! A light

 It grew, a starlit flag unfurled !

It grew to be Time’s burst of dawn

He gained a world ; he gave that world

Its grandest lesson: “On ! sail on !”

————Joaquin Miller.

Interesting recipes…


IMG_15734 large potatoes (boiled and cut into small pieces);

3 large aubergines (thinly sliced and seasoned with olive oil overnight in the fridge);

250gm. sticky rice;

1 tbsp. massaman curry powder;

150 ml. of coconut milk; 5almonds (finely crushed);

2 tbsps. rich tomato puree;

3tbsp. roasted, dry coconut (shredded);

5 cashewnuts (finely crushed)

Method:  In a large wok, which is pot-shaped, toss in the veggies.  Saute them with a dollop of fresh desi ghee.  Add the massaman curry powder and continue frying, till the veggies absorb the flavour.  Add some salt to taste.  Drizzle a little bit of coconut milk, and then add the almond and cashew paste.  Keep frying till the consistency is right, and the coconut milk is absorbed.  Add the rest of the coconut milk, and cover the wok with a lid.  Add the tomato puree.  Once the curry has come to a good consistency, garnish with the roasted coconut.  Serve on a bed of rice.


chicken-and-cabbage-stir-fry-2500 gms. chicken (boneless);

200 gms. finely-chopped cabbage;

3 red onions (sliced);

2 yellow capsicums (sliced);

1 tbsp. sesame seed; 1 tsp. paprika powder;

1 tsp. freshly ground red chilly flakes;

1 packet of noodles (Maggi, minus the masala, can also be used);

2 tbsp. dark soy sauce;

1 tbsp. green chilli sauce.

Method : Heat a pan with 3spoons of olive oil.  toss the sesame seeds, paprika powder and chilly flakes.  Add the onions and capsicum.  Add the chicken.  Then add the soy sauce and green chilli sauce.  Stir-fry it well and add the noodles broken into tiny pieces.  Stir well and cover with a lid, so the steam can soften and cook the noodles.  Then add the cabbage and cook further.  Stir well before serving.


garlic-prawns-2This butter and garlic dish goes very well with AMBER ALES (beer).

500 gms. (medium) prawns (shelled and deveined);

1 small bulb of garlic (peeled and roughly chopped);

1 red bell pepper (sliced); 1onion (sliced);

2 tbsp. of butter (at room temperature);

1 tbsp. olive oil; salt and pepper to taste.

Method : In a pan heat the butter and olive oil (using only butter, will cause it to urn at high temperature).  When butter starts bubbling, quickly add the garlic and continue stirring.  As the garlic starts to brown, throw in the onions and sauté them.  Add the prawns and stir continuously till they are done.  Just before turning off the flame, add the bell pepper, salt and pepper.  Serve hot.


coconut-shrimp250 gms. Tiger prawns ( cleaned and deveined);


Marinade : 4-5 tbsp. rice flour;

1/2 cup grated fresh coconut;

1 green chilly (minced);

1/4 cup of tin coconut milk;

1 tsp. cardamom powder; salt to taste.

Method: Mix all the ingredients for the marinade, until blended well.  it needs to be a little runny and not too thick.  Add the shrimp to this and adjust the seasoning.  Cover and allow this to marinate for 30mins. to 1hour.  Arrange the shrimps on a skewer, you can add some pieces of bell pepper or onions, if you like to enhance the flavour.  Grill evenly for 10mins..  Be careful not to overcook, because the shrimps can turn rubbery.  Serve hot with mint chutney.


5820114500 gms. boneless chicken (cleaned and cut into small pieces);



1whole bulb of garlic (peeled and chopped roughly);

2 tbsp. fresh cream;

3/4 cup curds;

1/2 tsp. nutmeg powder;

1/4 cup almonds (peeled and chopped);

1 tbsp. coriander leaves;

1 tsp. garam masala; salt to taste.

Method : make a fine paste of all the ingredients listed for the marinade. If too thick, add a little curd to adjust the consistency.  Coat the pieces of chicken with this and leave it to marinate in the fridge overnight (if not, for 4hrs. at least).  Allow the chicken to thaw and come down to room temperature before proceeding.  Pierce the chicken pieces with the skewers, drizzle with some oil and grill for approximately 15mins. until it is evenly done.  Serve hot with onion slices and lime wedges.

Sufferings are Gods hurricanes

An old harper dotes on his harp.  How he fondles and caresses it, as a child resting on his bosom ! His life is bound up in it.  But, see him tuning it.  He grasps it firmly, strikes a chord with a sharp, quick blow; and while it quivers as if in pain, he leans over intently to catch the first note that rises.  The note, as he feared, is false and harsh.  He strains the chord with the torturing thumb-screw; and though it seems ready to snap with the tension, he strikes it again, bending down to listen softly as before, till at length you see a smile on his face as the first true tone trembles upwards.

So it may be that God is dealing with you.  Loving you better than any harper loves his harp.  He finds you a mass of jarring discords.  He wrings your heartstrings with some torturing anguish; He bends over you tenderly, striking and listening, and hearing only a harsh murmur, strikes you again, while His heart bleeds for you, anxiously waiting for that strain——“Not my will, but thine be done”—– which is melody sweet to His ear.

david-playing-the-harp-in-the-fieldOh the sweetness that dwells in a harp of many strings

While each, all vocal with love in a tuneful harmony rings

But, oh, the wail and the discord, when one and another is rent

Tensionless, broken and lost, from the cherished instrument.

For rapture of love is linked with the pain and fear of loss

And the hand that takes the crown, must ache with many a cross

Yet he who hath never a conflict, hath never a victor’s palm

And only the toilers know the sweetness of rest and calm.

Only between the storms can the Alpine traveller know

Transcendent glory of clearness, marvels of gleam and glow

Had he the brightness unbroken of cloudless summer days

This had been dimmed by the dust and the veil of a brooding haze.

Who would dare the choice, neither or both to know

The finest quiver of joy or the agony thrill of woe !

Never the exquisite pain, then never the exquisite bliss

For the heart that is dull to that can never be strung to this.

So, sufferings are God’s winds.  His contrary winds, sometimes his strong winds.  They are God’s hurricanes, but they take human life and lift it to higher levels. In the summer time, when the atmosphere is oppressive, and you can hardly breathe, a cloud appears on the western horizon, and it grows larger.  The storm rises, the lightening flashes.  The storm covers the world, and the atmosphere is cleansed.  Human life is worked out according to exactly the same principle.  Therefore, sickness, obstacles and everyday challenges should set us singing.

Be like a bird that, halting in its flight

rests on a bough too slight

And feeling it give way beneath him sings

Knowing he hath wings.

Good intentions bring good results

If you pray with the intention of doing good to someone, your prayer may bring about good both to him and to yourself.

Some people pray for the spiritual benefit of those who have done them some wrong, thereby helping others spiritually.  But all our prayers should be without motive.  Prayer should be spontaneous, gushing out of the heart filled with Good-Intentionsappreciative joy.  Prayer has no form or method.  It is the raising up of the heart in words that have  gratitude, thanksgiving and joy for everything that has been bestowed on us by the Almighty.  It is the inner approach to God, and requires no external rites or ceremonies.

When we lift up our hands in prayer, we usually ask for something or other, but He knows what we need even before we ask.  He is our loving Father, does He not know what we need ?  Of course, He waits to be asked.  We do not hesitate to ask our earthly fathers when we need something ?  But, unlike our heavenly Father, our earthly fathers do not know, beforehand, what we need.  So, our ideal prayer should be in praise of His being, because He is  praiseworthy.  There is no standard prayer.  The glory of the Almighty transcends all human understanding and defies all verbal descriptions.  Such a prayer is eternally fresh and is not confined within the limits of hymns.  All prayers ultimately initiate the soul into a deepening silence of sweet adoration, and all formulae are dissolved into the integral and direct appreciative perception of Divine Truth.  The repetitive expressions of prayer cannot do justice to the innermost essence of prayer, which is adoring love for the eternal beloved.  To attempt to standardise prayer is to mar its intrinsic beauty.

Avataar Meher Baba