background-bespokeThe meaning of the term ‘BESPOKE’ stands for ‘individually patterned clothing’.

It is analogous to women’s HAUTE COUTURE’.  The term originated from Saville Row, a street in London, considered the ‘GOLDEN MILES’ tailoring.  The term ‘BESPOKE’, a British English word, meaning clothing item made to a ‘buyer’s specification’, clothing that is custom-made for the customer.  It is basically ‘EXCLUSIVE CLOTHING’, with a smart HOLOGRAM along the cuff of the shirt, matching POCKET SQUARES to go with the TIE.

In the beginning, it was restricted to clothing.  it is now used to include jeweller, bags, shoes and much more.  Historical data indicates it was once restricted to the craft of SEWING, STITCHING and CUTTING that developed throughout Europe between the 12th and 14th century.

The Old Gate FSFashion is now back full-circle from clothes influenced by movie stars, the fashion flamboyance of the 70’s, the era of the slim suits, the age of the new pinstripe, the metrosexual phase and finally to the retro look all over again.  Now double-breasted blazers, black stripes and over-sized jackets and new colours—-NUDES, CLASSIC BLUES, SAND, PURPLE and GREY  will prevail.  The distinguish points of BESPOKE are the ‘buyer’s total control over the fabric, the features and the way the garment should fit’.  More generally, BESPOKES describe a high degree of CUSTOMISATION and INVOLVEMENT of the end-user.  CAD & DANDY, a modern Saville Row tailor describes TRUE BESPOKE as having a full floating canvas, basted fitting and detailed hand-finishing.

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