Who let the thieves in?

There is a story of a rich landlord.  One day, a group of thieves wanted to rent a room.  He did not know that they were thieves, so he took them in as tenants.  They lived there for a month, and when the next month’s rent was due, they said that due to some financial setbacks, they would delay the payment.  This went on for several months, until the landlord discovered that they were a gang of thieves.  so, he sought his Master’s advice.  The master said, “Go to the police department, and see if anyone there is in need of a good apartment and if need be, lower the rent to make it attractive.  When the thieves meet him and learn that he is a police officer, they will move out on their own”.  The man did as the Master advised him to do, and sure enough, the thieves quickly moved out.  They never paid the rent, but at least the other tenants could live in peace.
Similarly, we want to protect our homes from thieves.  But, do we ever worry about the thieves that enter our body and our mind ?  We have allowed thieves to enter, and they are causing havoc.  These thieves are anger, greed, attachment, ego, etc,.  Have we, ever, taken care to keep negative qualities from our inner home ?  These thieves make us angry, greedy and selfish.  They make us intolerant and egotistical.  They rob us of our true wealth —our spirituality.——–Instead of growing, spiritually, we are wrapped up in the drama of these negative traits.  Our true wealth is our soul and our connection to God within.  We are robbed of our true wealth, because these thieves occupy our thoughts.  We want to become ethical people, but, these  thieves drag us into their never-ending play of insanity.  We want to be selfless, but they keep us occupied with our own wants and needs.  They ruin our peace of mind, thus we are always in a state of turmoil.
The landlord’s Master advised him to bring in a police officer to get rid of the thieves.  Who is the police officer, who can help us to get rid of the thieves who have taken possession of our very being ?  Great Masters have given us the police officer of meditation.  By engaging in meditation, the thieves that want to rob us of our union with God, will fly away, and we will reach our spiritual goal of reuniting the soul with God.
—-Sant Rajinder Singh.

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