Daffy definitions!

Blast from the past…


Merriam-Webster gives the definition for DAFFY as crazy, foolish.

The obsolete English word is DAFF = fool.  The first known use —circa 1884.  The Synonyms (related to DAFFY) : batty, bonkers, cracked, gaga, haywire, mad, cuckoo, nutty, wacky.  The Antonyms : balanced, compos mentis, sound, sane.  The related synonyms : dotty, neurotic, delusional, senseless, raving, hysterical.  The related antonyms : clear, lucid, rational, reasonable sensible, wise, normal.

daffy_duck_by_jcgroovez-d5rybopHere are a few DAFFY DEFINITIONS :

(1) CIGARETTE : A pinch of tobacco, wrapped in a paper, with fire at one end and a fool at the other.

(2) MAN : A creature who survives by pulling strings.  First the apron strings and then the purse strings.

(3) EGOIST : Is a person who only has an eye for an ‘I’.

(4) SOB STORY : Eye-wetness account.

(5) CHIVALRY : The attitude of a man towards someone else’s wife.

(6) SHAVING :…

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