Hair fall

Most people never get to the root cause of hair-fall, and start reacting when it is too late.  Hair-fall may be due to prolonged illness, dandruff, inadequate diet, stress, hereditary factors, no hair-care program and the type of water and shampoo used.
Here are a few tips :
(1) Massage the hair with a combination of pure almond and castor oil.  Steam the hair twice a week.
(2) After massaging, make a hair pack : 2tsp each of amla, reetha, shikakai, fenugreek, triphala and brahmi powder.  Mix with 2eggs and apply on hair.  Leave for 30-40mins.  This is to be done after oiling the hair.  You will see the difference within 2wks.
(3) Diet plays an important part.  Eat lots of raw foods —carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, celery.  Also eat spinach and cauliflower.  Eat lots of fruits and dairy products —milk, paneer, curds, cheese.
(4) The use of HENNA thickens and conditions the hair, and also acts as a natural dye.
(5) Taking multi-vitamins is also essential.
(6) Avoid using the comb and brush of others, and disinfect your own comb and brush with Dettol.
(7) If you have dandruff, massage your hair with warm coconut oil and apply the juice of two lemons.  Steam the hair and leave the oil on for about 2hrs.  Use a mild shampoo, 2-3 times a week.
(8) Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.
(9) Avoid sugary foods, fried foods and too much spice in your food.
(10) Stress leads to severe hair-loss.  Relax, take up a hobby or listen to music.
(11) Never brush or comb wet hair.  Wait, till the hair dries naturally and then comb out with a wide-toothed comb.
(12) Chemical colours and dyes —-a total disaster for hair —–AVOID THEM

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