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Blast from the past…


(1) One desiring happiness should strive after a perfectly contented disposition and control himself, for happiness has contentment for its root, while the root of unhappiness is discontent. 

(2) It is much better to acquiesce than to engage in angry words and fruitless contention. 

(3) Words of contempt should not be spoken, even to the meanest. 

(4) That code of conduct, which avoids all desire, anger and offensive speech, deserves to be called DHARMA. 

(5) As one acts according to ones conduct, so does he become.  The doer of good becomes good; of evil, evil.  One becomes virtuous by virtuous acts and wicked by wicked acts. 

(6) It is to perceive the avoidable in others and difficult to see them in ones own self.  Indeed one spreads out the avoidable in others like chaff, and then conceals them in one?s own self like a wicked gambler hiding his foul throw. 

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