This artwork is create by the Japanese artist, AKIRA NAGAYA, and is called KIRIE.  Though the works look like delicate pencil drawings or wire sculptures, they are intricately- carved work on paper.


Akira was learning SASABARAN ——- a technique for food-decoration, from bamboo leaves at sushi shops, and that was the time when he discovered his talent for KIRIE.  Bored Panda reports that, initially, Akira did not showcase his work to the public.  He practised, on his own,——– using paper and utility knife.  Only in the later part of his life, he looked at his work as art and started to display KIRIE to the public.


Desi inventor of e-mail

Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-American invented Email in 1978, when he was just 14.  He created a computer programme, which he called “Email”, that replicated all the functions of the inter-office mail system : inbox, outbox, folders, memo, attachments, address book, etc.  These features are a familiar part of any email system.
On August 30, 1982, the US Government officially recognized Ayyadurai, as the inventor of email, by awarding him the 1st US Copyright for Email, for his 1978 invention.  At 14, he attended a special summer programme at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University (NYU), and later went on to graduate from Livingston High School, in New Jersey.
While attending high school, he also worked at the University of Medicine & Dentistry, as a Research Fellow.  Dr. Leslie Michelson, then Director of the LCN at UMDNJ, gave him a challenge to convert the old system of paper-based mail communications, used at UMDNJ, to an electronic one. 
He conceived an electronic version of the system and created a computer program, of over 50,000 lines of code, which electronically replicated all the features of the inter-office mail system.


People usually divide their life into two areas : WORKING & RELAXING.  They think it is impossible to relax and feel peaceful, while working or doing any activity.  If they have to steal some time away from their busy work schedule for meditation, it is not going to ever happen.  Given today’s hectic life style everybody needs a dose of meditation, because life has become so stressful, that if they don’t get a MEDITATION PILL to calm their nerves, their tensions will translate into physical ailments.
Osho has devised many short meditations for the modern man,  They are as easy as popping a pill.  If you are going for an important meeting, and you are bored to death listening to a long presentation, or you feel suffocated working in the cramped office, don’t carry this irritation inside the heart.  While you are in this situation, try this Osho meditation.
relaxation-techniquesIf you can, close your eyes, but if you cannot, then start with exhaling as deeply as you can, throw the air out.  After exhaling deeply, pull your belly in and remain in this position for a few seconds.  DON’T INHALE for a few seconds.  Then allow the body to inhale deeply.  Again, stop for a few seconds.  The gap should be the same as you retain the breath out.  If   you retain for 3 secs, retain the breath in for 3 secs.  Exhale totally and inhale totally, and make a rhythm.  Immediately, you will feel a change coming into your whole being.  With the throwing out of the air, the mood will be thrown out too.
What happens is that as you start creating a rhythm, your mind is diverted from your problem.  .  You cannot be angry, because your mind is now filled with this new activity.  You are completely absorbed in it, so the co-operation with anger is broken.——– Secondly, this type of exhaling and inhaling CLEANSES THE WHOLE BODY.  When you empty your lungs and don’t inhale for a few seconds, the whole body throws all that is poisonous into the blood.  A gap is created in the body.  In that gap all the poisonous gasses get mixed with breathing, so with the next exhalation, they are thrown out.  Your mind becomes calm, because breath and the mind affect each other closely.
By doing this for a few minutes, you will find that the situation is the same, but YOU HAVE CHANGED ——— you become peaceful and relaxed AMIDST THE WHOLE CHAOS.
——– Amrit Sadhana


Teenage techpreneurs

Some of them are still in school, some barely out of it, but these teens are already into fascinating ventures —– a transaction platform for bitcoins, application for Google Glass.  They are even mentoring older entrepreneurs on technology and business.
Take the case of Kshitij Kumar, 18, who has just finished schooling in Delhi, and is heading to the University of Illinois for a degree in business and computer science.  He started a magic tricks tutorial portal called, when he was10.  Four years ago, he started a firm called BLIX that created products, including Snappy that allows users to convert pictures into any format and MATHOMATIC, a free math problem-solving tool. 
Now he’s working on an app called for Google Glass.  “If you are talking to someone, whose language you do not understand, the app will show you, on the glass, the translation of what is being said in a language that you understand ——- like sub-titles in a movie,” Kshitij says.
——- Shilpa Phadnis & Sujit John.


RESPECT is a positive feeling of ESTEEM or DEFERENCE for a person or other entity, and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem.  Respect can be both given and / or received.  Depending on an individual’s cultural reference frame, respect can be something that IS EARNED.  Respect is often thought of as earned or built over time.
Courtesies that show respect include simple words and phrases like “thank you” — in the West, simple physical gestures like a “slight bow” —- in the East or even a “smile” or “direct eye contact”.  
(1) The biggest ingredient, in a best friend, is someone whose actions you RESPECT, and who you can truly BE YOURSELF around. 
(2) There is no RESPECT for others without HUMILITY IN ONE’S SELF 
(3) RESPECT is what WE OWE; LOVE what WE GIVE. 
(4) One of the most sincere forms of RESPECT, is actually listening to what another has to say.  (5) When you are content to be SIMPLY YOURSELF, and don’t compare or compete, everybody will RESPECT you. 

Some questions

Blast from the past…


Some questions and their answers : 

1) What is beneficial than anything else? RIGHTEOUSNESS.

2)What is most desirable for human beings?  A LIFE DEDICATED TO ONE?S AND OTHERS? WELFARE. 

3)  Who is the foe?  It is but IDLENESS. 

4)  What is the cause of greatness?  That which is known AS NOT ASKING FAVOURS. 

5)  What is unhappiness?  CHEERLESSNESS. 

6)  What is un-intelligence?  NOT REPEATING WHAT IS LEARNT. 

7)  What is transient like the water on alotus leaf?  YOUTH, WEALTH & LIFE. 

8)  What is priceless?  THAT WHICH IS GIVEN AT THE RIGHT  MOMENT. 

9)  What pains like a shaft till death?  THE SIN COMMITTED IN SECRECY. 

10)  Which is the destroyer of all  good qualities?  GREED. 

11)  What is heinous?  CRUELTY. 

12) What is more painful than death?  INFAMY. 

13)  Who grows?  THE HUMBLE. 

14)  Who is the protector of the world?  THE SUN. 

15)  What is the cause of…

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Canine heroes

(1) BARILLO, an eight year old Metizo dog, died while trying to save a five year old boy from drowning in the sea along Italy’s Adriatic coast.  Barillo started barking, after seeing the child struggling in the sea at San Benedettodel Tronto, in the Marche region.  The canine then jumped straight into the sea to save the boy, after failing to catch the owner’s attention.  The dog brought the boy to safety, but drowned before reaching the shore —– after swallowing too much water.
(2) RUPEE touches Everest !  It’s a CANINE FIRST : —- Slumdog mountaineer !  A homeless 8-month old Indian dog named RUPEE has scripted history, by becoming the FIRST CANINE to reach Mount Everest Base Camp.  RUPEE, the first dog ever officially recorded at the Everest Base Camp at 5,364 mts. undertook the grueling challenge, against all odds, after being rescued by Joanne Lefson from a dump-site in Leh.  The puppy was dying of dehydration and starvation, when he was adopted by Joanne.  Lehson, previously hit the headlines after travelling the world with OSCAR, the famous GLOBE-TROTTING DOG.  The pair visited hundreds of famous landmarks, raising awareness for needy dogs, until Oscar passed away, following a car accident.  Joanne found RUPEE and adopted him.  They travelled together and after 8 and a half days facing snow delays, mud-slides and a yak attack en route, Rupee and Joanne reached the Base Camp, before a galloping three-and-a-half-days back down.  The team summited Base Camp and a pair of embroidered prayer flags were tied, ‘with the wish that the Gods above will bestow a home on all the homeless dogs below”. ”  The trek to the top of the world was done in Oscar’s honour”, an emotional Lefson said. 
(3) US pooch is WORLD’S FASTEST DOG ON 2 PAWS : —- JIFF, a talented 4yr old Pomeranian, in the US can shake hands, bow, ride a skateboard and even stamp his own autograph.  He has, now, entered the record books for being the World’s Fastest Dog on 2 Paws.  Guinness World Records has announced that the dog, from California, has achieved 2 new World Records : (a) for the fastest 10m run on HIND LEGS (6.56secs) and (b) for the fastest 5m run on FRONT PAWS (7.76 secs).  Jiff had to complete the 5m and 10m distances, in under 10secs., which he did in his FIRST ATTEMPT.
Why do we need Superheroes (human) when we have these CANINE HEROES ?

Bappa Morya Re!

On Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, it is easiest to access the ENERGY OF GANESH.  Lord Ganesh is said to be the deity closest to the physical world: He is the God of Wisdom, Knowledge and prosperity.
The term Ganesh comes from the Sanskrit words “gan” which means “jan samooh” (general people) and “esh” which means the “Supreme”.  Thus, Lord Ganesh is the Supreme Deity of man.  He is, also, called VIGHNHARTA — the REMOVER OF OBSTACLES.  He is the Patron of letters and learning too.  He is the Guardian of the spiritual world, and the first energy to grant access to higher dimensions, also known as the PRATHAM PUJYA —– at the start of any ritual or ceremony, Lord Ganesh is invoked.
The elephant-head symbolises supreme intelligence, the human body, with a huge belly, symbolises a reservoir of energy stored in the MANIPOORAKCHAKRA, which is located at the navel.  Ganesh is the child of Lord Shiva, the supreme PURUSH and Adi Shakti, the MOTHER of CREATION.  RIDDHI (prosperity) and SIDDHI ( spiritual powers) are married to Ganesh.
In the SANATHAN KRIYA, the first ‘sadhna’ given to a ‘sadhak’ is GANAPATI SADHNA and GANAPATI JAAP, which open the doorway to LOKAS beyond the BHULOKA —– the physical dimension in creation.  Ganesh Chaturthi is the day, when the energy of Lord Ganesh is most easily accessible to human beings.  
—– Yogi Ashwini

Clock of life

Blast from the past…


The clock of life is wound but once, and no one has the power to tell just when the hands will stop, late or early hour.  I do today that urgent task; I do it with a will, I wait not for tomorrow, my hands may then be still.

Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone; Kindness in another?s trouble, Courage in your own.

Man has but three events in his life:? to be born, to live and to die.  He is not conscious of his birth, he suffers at his death and he forgets to live.

Life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel.

It?s not true that life is one damn thing after another; It?s one damn thing over and over.-We live, we breathe, we die:?-somewhere in the middle, we have fifteen minutes of fame.


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Freedom from inner demons

inner_demons_by_faisalart2006We have just celebrated 67 yrs of Independence, but have we achieved freedom from our inner demons ?  Our biggest inner demon is our NEGATIVE EGO.  A negative ego makes us feel that we are superior to others —– in looks, wealth, health or in intelligence.
The worst part is that we do not realise, that when we develop a big negative ego —- it builds over time, over experience, over situations.  Sometimes, when people do not take us seriously, we shout at them, and they listen to us finally.  This makes us believe, that to get things done, we should make ourselves heard.  Similarly, if one is praised often about his/her looks, it builds an ego within that person about his good looks.  This negative ego, deludes the possessor, by making him/her feel that everything he/she does is right.  He also feels that without the negative egoistic identity, he would be suppressed upon. 
This negative ego may give temporary happiness —– when people listen to us, do things the way we want, appreciate our looks, but people may be doing so out of some selfish interests.  And when their interests will no longer be fulfilled, they will stop fuelling our negative ego.  Then we will feel depressed.
The best way to get a reality check on our negative ego, is to observe our feelings when someone praises us and when someone criticises us.  If we feel happy when someone praises us and feel sad when someone criticises us, it is a sure sign that we do possess this INNER DEMON OF NEGATIVE EGO.  But if we remain neutral, then it shows that we have no negative ego.  So, if we do not kill this inner demon, we cannot enjoy actual freedom.
The first step is to overcome the fear of what will happen if we let go of our negative ego.  We need to be assured that once we kill this negative ego, we will  realise our true potential, our true self, our true identity, our pristine consciousness.
The second step is to gather courage and ask our near and dear ones as to what our shortcomings are.  No one knows us better than our family and friends.  But they should feel that you will be open to their criticism.  So, like our country fought against the British rule to gain Independence, we should fight against our INNER DEMONS and attain freedom from pain and sorrow.
———–Sadhguru Jain.