The secret of enjoyment – Objectivity

The SPIRITUAL PATH calls for a change of attitude, not a change of lifestyle, wardrobe or location.  PAIN is a GIVEN; SUFFERING is a CHOICE.  There are three states of balance : RESTLESS, FRAGILE, STEADY.
Imagine yourself to be a cone.  When the cone is on its APEX, it is RESTLESS and totally dependent on external factors.  When the cone is on its SIDE, it is FRAGILE, calm, by itself, but the slightest fluctuation creates long spells of mental anguish.  When the cone is on its BASE, it is constantly at peace, irrespective of what the world offers.
Love people for WHO THEY ARE, without expecting them to dance to your tunes, and do not make demands or impose restrictions on them. They will love you dearly.  OBJECTIVITY IS THE SECRET OF ENJOYMENT.
Understand WHO YOU ARE.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR IDENTITY.  The world will not affect you in any way.  THE WORLD WILL LOSE ITS STING.——Jaya Row. —TOI

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