Clear up your little patch first

The study of oneself is of primary importance, and it is not a process of escape.  Without understanding oneself, there cannot be order in the world; without exploring the whole process of thought, feeling and action in oneself, there cannot be world peace, order and security.  This study of oneself, is not mere INACTION; it requires an extraordinary awareness in everything that one does —–with no judgement, condemnation or blame.  Out of this awareness, comes ORDER, first in oneself and then, externally, in one’s relationships.—-Without relationships, there is no existence —–TO BE IS TO BE RELATED.  Most of us do not seem to realise —–that the world is my relationship with others, whether one or many.  I PROJECT WHAT I AM.
In a world of large organisations, organisations and mobilisations of people, we are afraid to act ON A SMALL SCALE, afraid to CLEAR UP OUR OWN LITTLE PATCH.  We , often, ask ourselves, “What can I personally do ?”.  But reforms take place, not through mass movements, but through the inward re-evaluation of relationships —–that is real reformation, a radical, continuous revolution.  .  We are afraid to go it alone and start on a small scale.  Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, it is a field of affection, warmth and love ——–IT IS A FIELD RICH WITH FLOWERS.

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