Embrace the moment of calm

Practising forgiveness is not the only right way to live ——–IT IS ALSO THE HEALTHY WAY TO LIVE.  According to medical experts, anger accelerates the ageing process.  Anger is a natural human reaction —-and it is a mature emotion —-when we don’t allow to last very long, and when it does not hurt anyone.  Anger, held in the heart, gnaws us from the inside.  It leads us to a state of permanent stress.  We get into the primitive ‘fight or flight’ situation.  Our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual energies are so stressed, that we slip into overall lethargy.  Anger is the extreme opposite of what was called the ‘fountain of youth’.  One therapist calls it ‘The Tub Of  Ageing’.
Holding on to anger and resentment, can also tax our immune system.  Even a minor ailment like a cold, can challenge the immune system and put it on high alert.  External events, like a child’s stubborn behaviour, a traffic jam, harsh temper of a superior, can have an adverse impact on the immune system.  The cancer of bitterness destroys both mind and body.  There has been no explanation as to how the body-mind-soul connection works.  But we do know that our emotional turmoil is manifested in our body.  Doctors have a word for it —-SOMATICISE –which means taking an emotional issue, and unconsciously displacing it on to our own body.  The result can be anything from a perforated ulcer to a cancerous growth.
Negative things like resentment, hostility, enmity, guilt, anger —cause diseases related to the heart, lungs, chest, stomach, ear, nose and throat.  If emotions are ‘bottled up’ inside us, and we keep ‘swallowing’ their toxic contents, until they effect our health adversely. Forgiveness sets us free, from the grievances, penalties and shackles of past mistakes.  It heals the one who forgives, and the one who is forgiven.
—–Sadhu Vaswani  ——-The speaking tree.

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