Foods that ruin your sleep

Amidst our stressful lives, we forfeit our sleep.  Most of us find ourselves craving for a sound sleep, but we just cannot get enough of it.  While STRESS is one of the most common reasons, that can keep you awake, some dinner decisions can be guilty of keeping you wide awake.
The Seven Sleep-Stealers are : —
(1) WINE :—- It may help you fall asleep sooner, but you may later experience restlessness, headache, sweating and nightmares.  Drinking WINE, just before going to sleep, interferes with the sleep process, and prevents your body from entering the deep stages of sleep, thus increasing your chances of feeling tired the next day.  Consumption of WINE or any other alcohol should be, at least, 4-6hrs. before bed-time, and drink plenty of water to help dilute its effects.
(2) GREEN TEA :—- It is not decaffeinated.  Although it contains a small amount of caffeine, it is enough to trigger the nervous system, heart and muscle functions, by encouraging the release of certain chemicals—-NEUROTRANSMITTERS — in the brain.  It is better o cut off all forms of caffeine like chocolate, cola, tea and coffee from your diet at least 4-6hrs. before going to bed.
(3) CHICKEN :—- (Protein) Too much of protein (which is high in CHICKEN), may leave you sleep-deprived, if eaten just before bed-time.  Eating protein-rich foods, at dinner, will energise you instead of calming your body for the night.  High protein-and-fat diets can cause SLEEP APNEA, resulting in extreme tiredness and an irritable mood, throughout the following day.
(4) ICE-CREAM & HEAVY DESSERTS :—- ICE-CREAM contains lots of fats, and is loaded with sugar.  Having it, too close to bed-time, will leave you restless, as your body will not have enough time to burn the fat.
(5) CHOCOLATE :—- MILK CHOCOLATE contains TYROSINE, which is converted into DOPAMINE, a stimulant that will cause alertness and restlessness.  DARK CHOCOLATE contains the highest quantity of caffeine, more than milk or white CHOCOLATE, and, in some brands, even more than a cup of coffee.  It also contains THEOBROMINE, a compound known to increase heart-rate and cause sleeplessness.
(6) SPICY FOODS :—-Pungent foods like chillies and mustard, should not be consumed, as they raise the body temperature and make you restless.  These may cause acid-reflux, that can leave you tossing and turning all night.  Garlic is also known as the HOT HERB, and like spicy foods, it causes heartburn.
(7) AGED CHEESE :—-Legend has it that CHEESE is linked to bad dreams.  AGED CHEESE is a source of TYRAMINE (a type of amino acid) which stimulates the brain and can deprive you of the much-needed sleep.  It may also cause MIGRAINE in some people.  Stay away from Parmesan, Brie, Gouda, Cheddar and other hard cheese.
There is an age-old theory that says, that if you have dinner about 3hrs. before bed-time, CHANCES ARE YOU WILL BE LESS DISTURBED, & THAT YOU WILL SLEEP PEACEFULLY.
—–Shivangana Vasudeva.

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