One of the most important requirements, in the long journey to COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS ——– a state when you are one with the universe —————is the CAPACITY TO FORGIVE.
ALTRUISM is a total orientation —- away from selfishness and towards the good of others; the sharing of joys and sorrows of the whole world.  David Michie says, “As a Tibetan Buddhist, there are a wide range of different objects of meditation.  As busy people with demanding lives, it is easy to e reoccupied with our own concerns, ignoring other people’s difficulties”.  He further says, “In the DHARMA, our main purpose is to attain enlightenment to help all living beings achieve that same state.  I have discovered, for myself, a curious truth —- that ringing to mind the well-being of others enhances our own contentment.  Doing something meaningful for the happiness of others produces a feeling, which makes us happy, even when we recall the instance after a long time.  MEDITATE.  What we discover when we practise generosity, even on a small scale, is that it strengthens the positive side of our nature.  It is in this ALTRUISM that our true fulfillment lies.”
Besides the capacity to forgive, one needs to develop the capacity of LOVE, COMPASSION & EMPATHY, says Milan Kundera.  According to Teilhard de Chardin, who puts it most beautifully and cryptically, when he says, “To be more, one must unite more fully.”  When once asked to express, in one word, the GUIDING PRINCIPLE OF A HAPPY LIFE, Confucius replied, “IT IS ALTRUISM”.

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