Life, the greatest show on earth!

Blast from the past…



Imagine a story without conflict.  Would it even be called a story ?

Every successful novel or drama has to have conflict in order to be interesting.  Imagine a novel about a mundane ordinary existence, a tale of only happiness, of only love and bliss, a tale of only light and no darkness.  Would anybody want to read it ?  What if the hero of an epic would be able to get whatever he wanted without an iota of challenge ?

So if we like challenges in our fiction, why do we shy away from challenges, hardships and problems in our own lives ?  Why is it that when we are faced with tragedy, betrayal, loneliness or sorrow in life we ask ‘Why me?’  Our lives are a drama in the theatre of the Divine.  So, how can we learn and grow as souls, without getting rattled by problems in…

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