We are angels with only one wing

We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing each other, says Luciano De Crescenzo.  Though incomplete, by reaching out and connecting with others, WE CAN DO WONDERFUL THINGS FOR EACH OTHER, FOR THE WORLD.
The 16th Century Jewish Mystic, Rabbi Isaac Luria, would often narrate this story.  In the beginning, there was only the darkness ——EIN SOF —- the source of life.  In order to make the human world, God had to contract, to withdraw into God’s Self, to make a space.  Into that space, God sent forth 10 holy vessels —–which held His Divine Light.–Had they arrived intact, the world would have been perfect.  But the vessels were fragile to contain such a powerful, divine light.  They shattered and all the holy sparks were scattered all over the place ——like sand, like seeds, like stars.  Our sacred task is the gather the sparks, no matter where they were hidden.  Each person comes into being with the capacity to find the hidden light in all people, to lift it up and make it visible, and thereby to restore the INNATE WHOLENESS OF THE WORLD.
The nature of the wide dispersal of light makes it a collective task; we have to take an active part in the work of restoration of our world that is called TIKKUN OLAM in Hebrew.  There was a West African character — ANANSI — who had all the wisdom of the world, stored in a huge pot.  Every day, Anansi looked in the pot, and learned different things  In reality, Anansi had been instructed to share it with every one, but he was greedy and selfish.  He wanted to keep the wisdom for himself.  So, he planned to hide the pot on the top of a very tall tree.  He struggled as he climbed up, because the POT OF WISDOM kept getting in his way.  His young son, seeing his struggle, said, “Don’t you realise if you tie the pot to your back, instead, it will be easier to climb up ?  I thought you had wisdom”.  Anansi was very angry, he flung down the pot, which shattered and bits of wisdom flew in every direction.  People found and gathered up the bits.  Some found large pieces, some found tiny bits.  That is why, to this day, NO ONE PERSON CAN HAVE ALL THE WORLD’S WISDOM. They need each other, in order to BE TRULY WISE.
—-Marguerite Theophil.

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