Noah’s Ark

Nestling on the snowy cap of Mount Ararat lodged in ice, lies the shadowy form of a boat, the size of a battleship.
Explorer and Bible Scholar, Antonio Palego says, he has found the real thing on Mount Ararat, in Turkey.  Using intricate calculations,based on the story in the BOOK OF GENESIS, the Italian Explorer, says the ARK has been preserved, in ice, for over 4000 yrs.  The huge boat is estimated at 156mts. long, 15.5mts high, 25mts. wide, with enough space to fit 800 trains.
According to the BOOK OF GENESIS, Noah built an ARK ——–300 cubits long (One cubit = 50cms), 50cubits wide and 30cubits high, and loaded 2 of every species on board.  The ARK was to be made of GOPHER WOOD.
Sceptics say, Noah would have needed to load 460 organisms, a second, into the ARK, to get 2 of each species on board—– within 24hrs.  A group of Scientists found evidence, of an enormous deluge, with 200 times the force of NIAGARA FALLS, roughly 7000 yrs ago, as glaciers melted, causing a huge splurge of silt, separating the then freshwater BLACK SEA from the MEDITERRANEAN.  But this pre-dated the Biblical Myth.
—–Asian Age.

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