Early morning reflections

It’s the choices that we make daily, which decide who we are going to be.  Do you want to be a HERO, a VICTIM or JUST A BYSTANDER ?
The Benedictine Monk, Steindl-Rast says, :”In the morning, we should behave as if we were about to cross a street : STOP, LOOK BOTH SIDES & GO FORWARD.  That allows us to REFLECT about our PRIORITIES, our POSSIBLE ATTITUDES BEFORE A PROBLEM, the DECISIONS THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN.
Then we look around us.  There is no use to stop, if we don’t see what is going on around us.  It is necessary to understand, that by taking a decision, we are, both, INFLUENCING & BEING INFLUENCED by everything that is going on around us.  Finally, we go forward.  There is no use, to look both ways, if we have no defined purpose.  The FACT OF ACTING is what JUSTIFIES EVERYTHING, ———- and it is what allows us to show, through our work, GOD’S IMMENSE GLORY.  ———So, all that works out, it is enough to behave the same way we behave WHEN WE CROSS A STREET.  Find your INNER PHILOSOPHER.  Have little positive affirmations around you to read every day, affirmations that can actually change your mood and help you to stay FOCUSED & POSITIVE.
Don’t worry about the past or the future.  LIVE IN THE NOW, THE PRESENT.  There are two days to never worry——– YESTERDAY & TOMORROW.  Feel how blessed you are to with WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE & THE THINGS YOU HAVE ACHIEVED.  COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS EVERY DAY.

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