Pranks with Proverbs

Blast from the past…



This article was sent by George N. Netto in the TOI of 25th of October, 2011.

Any proverb—-however trite—-can be made to sparkle with a suitable suffix.  Besides driving home the point forcefully, it provides a crisp ending lace with a light-hearted touch—-in fact, the SNAPPIER the ENDING, the BETTER the IMPACT of the proverb.  Highly quotable they may be, but proverbs usually convey truisms with which we are already familiar.  There’s nothing like a touch of humour to spice up a commonplace proverb.

(1) VARIETY is the SPICE OF LIFE———–ask any monogamous male.

(2) FAMLIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT———usually after marriage.

(3) MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN——–unmade on earth.

(4) THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING——–and the licking of one’s fingers.

(5) WEDLOCK IS A PADLOCK——–one of the keys to which is divorce.

(6) IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO——–and three to create an eternal triangle.


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