Krishna Leela

Sri Krishna —–The very name evokes memories of the blue boy of Vrindavan, dressed in yellow silk, crowned with peacock feathers and adorned with a garland of flowers..  He is the stealer of hearts, dispeller of sins, upholder of righteousness, protector of the humble and a friend to all those who seek Him.  In the Bhagavatam, it is said : “SRI KRISHNA IS THE LORD HIMSELF”.
0053_SB-10-6-11Sri Krishna did not follow human laws, but He did follow DHARMA —-THE HIGHEST LAW.  Sri Krishna drank poison, we fall sick with food poisoning.  Sri Krishna had NO EGO.  We, on the other hand,, feel demeaned to be called a ‘driver’; even as the Kin of Dwaraka, he willingly drove Arjuna’s chariot.  Sri Krishna says, “Even though I have nothing to attain in all the three worlds, and no duties to perform, I remain always in action”.  He is the perfect sportive incarnation ———LEELA PURUSHOTTAMA.  What is LEELA ?  LEELA means SPORTS.  Each of the Lord’s sport is beautiful.  LEELA, in Sanskrit, is defined as that which manifests a dormant emotion in us.  Love for the Lord is dormant in our hearts..  But, when the lord enacts His LEELA, that love manifests.  The Lord’s LEELAS are such, that they bring out our devotion and love for Him, destroying all our clinging attachments. 
However, His LEELA is inscrutable.  Some become enlightened and some get deluded.  Also, some learn all the wrong lessons from His sports.  Yet, His divine sports are meant to detach our mind from worldly preoccupations, and develop love for God.  His sports are meant to enlighten us.  They inspire us to walk the path of DHARMA and fill our hearts with devotion.

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