Leaf-cut artwork

leaf-cutting-omid-asadi-14Omid Asadi says, about his affinity to LEAF-CUT PERSONALITIES : “They are not just an image.  It shows , that even if their BIOLOGICAL LIFE IS OVER ————LIKE A FALLEN LEAF, their acts and thoughts are still alive ———- like these ART-LEAVES”.  He continues, “We need to learn to ‘SEE’ the world around us, and to ‘SEE’ it differently.  Also, sometimes, you FALL TO BECOME MORE VALUABLE.  You should always keep up the hope.  And, stand up, each time you fall —— FALLEN TO RISE AGAIN.  People LOOKED AT fallen leaves, Asadi SAW THEM.
For 1000s of years, apples fell from the trees, and everybody LOOKED IF-Omid-Asadi-feuille-arbre_1AT THEM; only Isaac Newton SAW it, and our lives changed forever.  To Asadi, an Iranian Student, leaves are representatives of out TOO SHORT LIVES.  He yearned to give the leaves LONGER LIFE ———through ART.
It takes, anywhere between 3days to up to a month, to make a single LEAF-CUT ARTWORK.  To date, he has made 40 artworks.  Unlike drawing or cutting a paper, LEAF-CUTTING is TRICKY.  He uses a craft-knife / scalpel and needle for his INTRICATE WORK, which requires tremendous concentration and way too much practice.
His works have been exhibited in London, Milan, US and other places.  Asadi sure DOES SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY.
——– Sudha Pillai@timesgroup.com

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