Zero-calorie wonder

water bottle
HYDRATION is important for our overall well-being, irrespective of our daily activity levels.  Water constitutes about 60-70% of the human body.  Proper HYDRATION means ensuring that your body maintains that level of water, as we are constantly losing water. Water helps regulate temperature, transport nutrients and oxygen to all the millions of cells in the body organs and tissues, removes waste, protects our joints and keeps our skin soft and supple.
HYDRATION, is more than just drinking water.  The correct levels of HYDRATION are required for all our activities.  Even a slight drop, in the water level of our body, can affect our mental and physical performance.  Dehydration can result in muscle fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea and a general feeling of weakness. Along with water, mil, coconut water, kokum water, vegetable juices, fruit juices, fresh-lime soda and milkshakes, can be counted as your total fluid intake of the day. 
The food we eat, can also add to or reduce body HYDRATION levels.  Fruits and vegetables constitute more than 80% of water.  Soups and stews, add on to the total water intake.  High-protein foods use more water to flush out the naturally-occurring nitrogen in protein, so we must compensate the fluid intake after consuming high-protein foods.  If you do not like to consume more water, because of its bland taste, here is a CALORIE-FREE TRICK.  Cut your favourite fruits in small pieces and add them to your jug of chilled water.  This will add flavour and variety to water. 
The HUNGER & THIRST CENTRES in the brain are very close to each other.  So, we confuse the signals between hunger and thirst.  HUNGER is always ASSUMED FIRST, and if you do not drink enough water, you land up eating more food.  All smart phones have apps that REMIND & ENCOURAGE you to count your glasses.
The best part about this ZERO-CALORIE WONDER is that it is FREE and it is READILY AVAILABLE.  Always carry a bottle with you and drink ON THE GO.
– Pooja Makhija.

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