Tearless Onions

TEARLESS ONIONS not only prevent eyes from tears, but also fight against CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE & WEIGHT GAIN.
Researchers, Colin C. Eady and colleagues, found that the ONION has a UNIQUE CHEMISTRY that leads to its TEAR-INDUCING EFFECTS —— when cut.  The team developed a VERSION OF ONIONS, which, instead, makes a SULPHOR COMPOUND, similar to one found in CUT GARLIC, that may be the key to its CARDIOVASCULAR BENEFITS.
Many people eat garlic cloves or take it in PILL-FORM to reduce the CLUMPING OF PLATELETS in the BLOOD, which can lead to BLOOD CLOTS & CLOGGED ARTERIES.  GARLIC has been shown to reduce weight-gain.
The scientists found that an EXTRACT from the TEARLESS ONION, significantly reduced PLATELET CLUMPING, compared to regular onions or even garlic.  The NEW ONION had about the same ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES as the ORIGINAL.  Preliminary testing on rats showed that these ONIONS could help control WEIGHT-GAIN. according to the study published in The American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry.
TEARLESS ONIONS would indeed be a boon to many a housewife. !!!!!!!!!

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