Salad days!

Nothing can beat the CRUNCH & SIMPLICITY OF A SALAD.
(1) CAPRESE SALAD : — 4 large ripened tomatoes (sliced 1/4inch thick), 500gms fresh mozzarella (sliced 1/4inch thick), 1/4cup packed fresh Basil or Arugula leaves, washed well and spun dry, 1/4tsp dry Oregano, crumbled, if using Arugula instead of Basil, 3-4tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, fine sea salt to taste, freshly ground black pepper to taste.—————METHOD : —-On a large platter, arrange the tomato, mozzarella slices and Basil leaves, alternating and overlapping them.  Sprinkle the salad with oregano and Arugula and drizzle with oil.  Season the salad with salt and pepper.——-Executive Chef —–Vijay David.
(2) CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD : —– 2 eggs (yolk), 200ml salad oil, 20gm garlic, 20gm Focaccia, 5ml lemon, 30gm Parmesan Cheese, 1 tin anchovy, 1gm black pepper, 180gm Romaine/Cos lettuce, 3gm Parmesan shavings, 15gm Olives, salt to taste.———-METHOD : —– In a clean bowl, add egg yolks and emulsify the oil in it to make a smooth mayonnaise and season.  Make garlic croutons from Focaccia.  FOR THE DRESSING : —-Whisk anchovy, Parmesan, mayo, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper to form a creamy dressing.  TO SERVE : —- Place hand-torn chunks of lettuce in a mixing bowl.  Add the dressing and mix well.  Add garlic croutons and olives with Parmesan shavings. ——Executive Chef —-Vivek Kapoor.
(3) RUCOLA, WALNUT & CELERY SALAD : —- 80gm Rucola, 35gm walnut, 80gm apple (red), 10gm mustard, 45gm cherry tomatoes, 5gm garlic, 50gm Olive oil, salt to taste, 1gm pepper, 30ml balsamic vinegar, 20gm lemon juice, 3gm parsley, 20gm celery.  METHOD : —- In a mixing bowl, add Olive oil, garlic, mustard, salt and mix well.  Cut apple, celery and hand-torn lettuce.  Mix well.  Arrange in a platter and top it up with toasted walnuts. —-Executive Chef —Vivek Kapoor.

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