The birds go north again

Blast from the past…



Where showers fall most, there the grass is greenest.  Thus the fogs and mists of Ireland make it the EMERALD ISLE.  So also, when you find great fogs of trouble, and mists of sorrow, you always find emerald green hearts.

They are full of the beautiful greenery of the comfort and love of God.  Do not ask, “Where have the swallows gone?  They are gone, they are dead.”  They are not dead; they have skimmed the purple sea, and gone to a far-off land; but they will be back again by and by.  Do not say that the flowers are dead; do not say that the winter has killed them, and they are gone.  Ah, no, though winter hath coated them with the ermine of its snow; they will put up their heads again, and will be alive very soon.  Do not say that the sun is quenched, because the…

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