Simplify your life…

Blast from the past…


How to save time!

(1) Start the day right??Do everything possible the night before to prepare for the next day, for example: decide what to wear, check for spots, missing buttons, items to carry to office.  Put keys in the same place.  An average adult spends 16 hours/year searching for lost keys.

(2) De-clutter your house??-Freeing yourself from unnecessary possessions, frees time.  You cannot save everything you might need someday.  To de-clutter, start small. Do one drawer, one shelf at a time.  If its broken, fix it or throw it away.  If it doesn?t fit, alter It or give it away.  Don?t put anything down ?for now?, for example, jackets, glasses, etc. Don?t put it down, PUT IT AWAY.  To do otherwise, means handling every-thing more than once. 

(3) Gently say NO??NO is a two-letter word that can free many hours a week.  Say it gently, but immediately, offering a brief…

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