I could have been…

Blast from the past…



 I could have been:

(1) a chimney sweep, but it did not SOOT me. 

(2) an historian, but I let BYGONES REMAIN BYGONES. 

(3) a cobbler, but I didn?t tell a SOLE about it. 

(4) a comedian, but my friends LAUGHED at the idea. 

(5) a batsman, but I couldn?t STAND THE PACE. 

(6) a tobacconist, but it turned out to be a PIPE DREAM. 

(7) a yachtsman, but I didn?t KNOW THE ROPES. 

(8) a gravel merchant, but I didn?t HAVE THE GRIT. 

(9) a joiner, but I couldn?t MAKE ENDS MEET. 

(10) a statistician, but I hadn?t GOT THE FIGURE. 

(11) a parachutist? but who wants to be a DROPOUT? 

(12) a carpenter, but it WENT AGAINST THE GRAIN. 

(13) a gunner, but I set my SIGHTS TOO HIGH. 

(14) a dentist, but I didn?t KNOW DRILL. 

(15) a miner, but the job was BENEATH ME.  (16)…

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