Accept your destiny

Paulo Coelho : —Here is a beautiful story sent by one of my readers, Shirlei Massapust :
many years ago,there was a young man named Mogo.  He lived in China and made his living by breaking stones.  Even though he was born with a gift of strength, he was unhappy about this work becoming his DESTINY, and complained about it day in and day out.  He blasphemed God’s plan, for him, so much that his guardian angel ended up appearing before him, and asked him, ” Why do you complain.  You are young and healthy and all young people must begin their lives with hard work”.  Mogo replied, “God was unfair to me”.  Worried, the angel went to the Lord, asking for help.  The Lord said, ” Whatever Mogo wants, give it to him”. 
The next day, as Mogo was breaking stones, he saw a carriage pass, and there was a noble man inside.  “Why can’t I be a noble person, too ?”  “So it will be,” murmured the angel, and Mogo was transformed into a master of a sprawling castle, encircled by servants and horses.  One day, the heat was unbearable, even under his golden umbrella.  He realised that the Sun was above all, and the Sun does not bow down to anyone and was, in fact the real king.  “Why can’t I be the sun ?’  “So, it will be”, said the angel sadly.  So, Mogo became the Sun.  While he was sparkling in the sky, admiring his power to help crops grow or burn them depending on his mood, he noticed a black spot moving towards him, and as it grew bigger, he realised that it was a cloud, blocking his view of the earth.——-“My destiny is to be a cloud”, he thought.  “So it will be”, responded the angel.  Mogo became a cloud.  Along the deserted ocean shore, stood a huge granite rock..  He unleashed a storm that the world had never seen before.  The rock remained firm and did not move.  “The rock is stronger than the cloud.  My destiny is to be a rock”.  So, Mogo was transformed into a rock—–This is how he spent the next several years, until one morning, a sharp pain hit him.  He heard several thuds and smashes and felt immense pain again.  “Someone is trying to kill me.  he is stronger than , I want to be like him”.  “So, it will be”, said the angel.  And, this is how Mogo returned to his previous life —-BREAKING STONES FOR A LIVING.  ACCEPT YOUR DESTINY, WHATEVER IT BE.

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