AWARENESS is the state or ability to PERCEIVE, to FEEL or to BE CONSCIOUS of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, SENSE DATA can be confirmed y an observer, without necessarily understanding.  More broadly, it is the STATE or QUALITY of BEING AWARE OF SOMETHING.  In biological psychology, AWARENESS is defined as a human’s or animal’s perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.
AWARENESS is a RELATIVE CONCEPT.  An animal may be PARTIALLY aware, may be SUBCONSCIOUSLY aware or may be ACUTELY aware of an event.  AWARENESS, may be focussed on an INTERNAL STATE, such as a VISCERAL FEELING, or on EXTERNAL EVENTS by way of SENSORY PERCEPTION.  AWARENESS provides the RAW MATERIAL, from which animals develop QUALIA or SUBJECTIVE IDEAS about their EXPERIENCE.
Popular ideas about CONSCIOUSNESS, describes a condition of being aware of one’s awareness or SELF-AWARENESS.  Basic AWARENESS of one’s internal or external world depends on the BRAIN STEM.  In general, AWARENESS may also refer to public or common knowledge or understanding about a social, scientific or political issue, and hence many movements try to foster AWARENESS of a given subject, that is “RAISING AWARENESS”.  Examples, include AIDS awareness and MULTICULTURAL awareness.
(1) Are you aware of the significance of every THOUGHT, of every REACTION that you happen to have ? —— Jiddu Krishnamurti. 
(2) AWARENESS, though essentially one, is known as CONDITIONED or UNCONDITIONED.  That AWARENESS, which is free of the EGO-SENSE of I AM, is the unconditioned. –Narayana Guru. 
(3) We need to be aware of our own selves, our body, our breath, our mind and how the mind works. ——Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 
(4) If we can become aware of the mind’s deceptive play to deceive us, we can take steps to overcome its tricks. — Sant Rajinder Singh. 
(5) Whatever we are doing, believing, thinking, desiring, understanding, feeling —– we are not aware of them while aware of ourselves in the present —- we are asleep, and all are but EMBERS of a DREAM. —– Thomas M. Easley.

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