Five foods to get rid of ASAP

Here are 5 foods to get rid of ASAP :
 (1) DIET SODA : —- When it comes to the calorie count, the diet version may turn out to be a better option than drinking sugar-loaded aerated drinks.  But artificial sugars and caffeine is not something we must consume regularly, just because it is zero in calories and does not hinder our weight loss efforts. ————— SWAP WITH : —- A can of PLAIN SODA deletes the negatives of CAFFEINE & ASPARTAME.  You could add a bit of flavour to it y squeezing a lime or adding some chopped fruits like berries, oranges, melons, mint or celery leaves. 
(2) MAYONNAISE : —- If you are happy throwing in MAYONNAISE into your salads and sandwiches, thinking it brings in taste and variety, you may as well be clogging your arteries with sticky lard. ——–SWAP WITH : —– Take some homemade YOGURT.  Now, flavour this as per taste to make spreads — ground or fresh basil and sundried tomatoes, garlic and onion, roasted peppers, coriander and mint. 
(3) FLAVOURED YOGURT : —- Something that is, actually, very healthy can be easily turned into a very unhealthy food item, simply by adding loads of sugar, cream and artificial flavours.  Why turn this healthy probiotic into a dessert item ?  Get rid of it right away.  SWAP WITH : —– Flavour the yogurt yourself with some chopped fresh fruits.  You could even stir it well (it turns creamy) and freeze for a while to get store-like frozen yogurt, but with higher nutritional quotient. 
(4) MARGARINE : —- Marketed as a healthier option to butter, MARGARINE is anything but that.  It is loaded with partially hydrogenated fat, which increases the LDL (bad) cholesterol, and thus increases the risk of heart diseases and inflammation, a known trigger to premature aging.  SWAP WITH : —-Fresh mint-coriander chutney is packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, E and low in calories to almost negligible, this spread will add more taste and health to any sandwich as compared to MARGARINE. 
(5) PICKLES : —– They add a dash of spice and flavour to the daily meals.  But, along with the richness in taste, PICKLES are a high source of oil and sodium.  The additional oil (since cooked meals have already exhausted your daily oil quota) plays havoc with our lipid profile and puts a load on the heart and the excess sodium (since our meals already take care of our daily salt requirement) spoils the electrolyte balance, and thus affects blood pressure.  SWAP WITH : —- Vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, chillies and onions can be made into water, vinegar or brine based PICKLES.  They do not last for months together (since they lack the oil as a preservative) and thus should be consumed soon.  Do note that brine is high in sodium, so do not consume it daily. –
Thus, you can avail yourself of healthier options.
—–Pooja Makhija.

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