Lead a purposeful life

In order to LEAD A PURPOSEFUL LIFE, where you are aware of your true potential, there are a few traps to be avoided —– traps that anyone can fall into easily.
How can you hope to understand anyone else if you do truly know your own self ?  Know your strengths and weaknesses; work on improving the former and diminishing the latter.  Do not just cruise along.  Set yourself goals, so as to measure your life by achievements.  keep reviewing these goals and remember to keep shifting goal posts.  Whenever your heart and mind lock in conflict, do what you consider right, rather than desirable.  For this, you must have a set of principles ——— a firm code of ethics that guides your life. 
The easiest thing to do is to work out a set of o-ordinates that create a COMFORT ZONE.  But the only way to grow is to keep creating disruptions that shake things up a bit and allow you to look beyond the immediate and available.  Do not be a stranger to your spiritual self.  Focus on what you wish to tell yourself; listen to what the Universe wishes to make you aware of.  Try MEDITATION & SILENCE.  It helps you to transcend the self and connect to your spiritual side.  It is, then, that perspectives shift and all questions are answered.
Think positive.  Do not associate yourself with negative people.  Remain happy and focussed.  Do not play blame games; instead play games that keep the brain young and functioning.  Forgive others, and more importantly, forgive yourself.  We all make mistakes.  Grudges make us bitter.  Let go, and move on.  Believe that we all get what we deserve in due course.  Never lose dignity.  Adhere to the diktats of your inner self.  You do not need to explain yourself to anyone.  Be your own best critic and judge, responsible for yourself and circumstances.  Do not forget to carve  space and time for people close to you —– family and friends.  They are the ones who sustain and cherish us.  Do not waste time on parasitic relationships.
 LIFE & LOVE are nothing but a stringing together of moments.  Take time to appreciate and be grateful for the many little blessings that come our way.  Lastly, you can never be everything to everyone, so CHOOSE YOUR PRIORITIES carefully, rather than spreading yourself too thin.  This will help you to lead a SATISFYING, PURPOSEFUL, HAPPY LIFE.

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