Freedom from inner demons

inner_demons_by_faisalart2006We have just celebrated 67 yrs of Independence, but have we achieved freedom from our inner demons ?  Our biggest inner demon is our NEGATIVE EGO.  A negative ego makes us feel that we are superior to others —– in looks, wealth, health or in intelligence.
The worst part is that we do not realise, that when we develop a big negative ego —- it builds over time, over experience, over situations.  Sometimes, when people do not take us seriously, we shout at them, and they listen to us finally.  This makes us believe, that to get things done, we should make ourselves heard.  Similarly, if one is praised often about his/her looks, it builds an ego within that person about his good looks.  This negative ego, deludes the possessor, by making him/her feel that everything he/she does is right.  He also feels that without the negative egoistic identity, he would be suppressed upon. 
This negative ego may give temporary happiness —– when people listen to us, do things the way we want, appreciate our looks, but people may be doing so out of some selfish interests.  And when their interests will no longer be fulfilled, they will stop fuelling our negative ego.  Then we will feel depressed.
The best way to get a reality check on our negative ego, is to observe our feelings when someone praises us and when someone criticises us.  If we feel happy when someone praises us and feel sad when someone criticises us, it is a sure sign that we do possess this INNER DEMON OF NEGATIVE EGO.  But if we remain neutral, then it shows that we have no negative ego.  So, if we do not kill this inner demon, we cannot enjoy actual freedom.
The first step is to overcome the fear of what will happen if we let go of our negative ego.  We need to be assured that once we kill this negative ego, we will  realise our true potential, our true self, our true identity, our pristine consciousness.
The second step is to gather courage and ask our near and dear ones as to what our shortcomings are.  No one knows us better than our family and friends.  But they should feel that you will be open to their criticism.  So, like our country fought against the British rule to gain Independence, we should fight against our INNER DEMONS and attain freedom from pain and sorrow.
———–Sadhguru Jain.

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