Some questions

Blast from the past…


Some questions and their answers : 

1) What is beneficial than anything else? RIGHTEOUSNESS.

2)What is most desirable for human beings?  A LIFE DEDICATED TO ONE?S AND OTHERS? WELFARE. 

3)  Who is the foe?  It is but IDLENESS. 

4)  What is the cause of greatness?  That which is known AS NOT ASKING FAVOURS. 

5)  What is unhappiness?  CHEERLESSNESS. 

6)  What is un-intelligence?  NOT REPEATING WHAT IS LEARNT. 

7)  What is transient like the water on alotus leaf?  YOUTH, WEALTH & LIFE. 

8)  What is priceless?  THAT WHICH IS GIVEN AT THE RIGHT  MOMENT. 

9)  What pains like a shaft till death?  THE SIN COMMITTED IN SECRECY. 

10)  Which is the destroyer of all  good qualities?  GREED. 

11)  What is heinous?  CRUELTY. 

12) What is more painful than death?  INFAMY. 

13)  Who grows?  THE HUMBLE. 

14)  Who is the protector of the world?  THE SUN. 

15)  What is the cause of…

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