Teenage techpreneurs

Some of them are still in school, some barely out of it, but these teens are already into fascinating ventures —– a transaction platform for bitcoins, application for Google Glass.  They are even mentoring older entrepreneurs on technology and business.
Take the case of Kshitij Kumar, 18, who has just finished schooling in Delhi, and is heading to the University of Illinois for a degree in business and computer science.  He started a magic tricks tutorial portal called HORIZONMAGIC.com, when he was10.  Four years ago, he started a firm called BLIX that created products, including Snappy that allows users to convert pictures into any format and MATHOMATIC, a free math problem-solving tool. 
Now he’s working on an app called Getcaption.io for Google Glass.  “If you are talking to someone, whose language you do not understand, the app will show you, on the glass, the translation of what is being said in a language that you understand ——- like sub-titles in a movie,” Kshitij says.
——- Shilpa Phadnis & Sujit John.

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