Bappa Morya Re!

On Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, it is easiest to access the ENERGY OF GANESH.  Lord Ganesh is said to be the deity closest to the physical world: He is the God of Wisdom, Knowledge and prosperity.
The term Ganesh comes from the Sanskrit words “gan” which means “jan samooh” (general people) and “esh” which means the “Supreme”.  Thus, Lord Ganesh is the Supreme Deity of man.  He is, also, called VIGHNHARTA — the REMOVER OF OBSTACLES.  He is the Patron of letters and learning too.  He is the Guardian of the spiritual world, and the first energy to grant access to higher dimensions, also known as the PRATHAM PUJYA —– at the start of any ritual or ceremony, Lord Ganesh is invoked.
The elephant-head symbolises supreme intelligence, the human body, with a huge belly, symbolises a reservoir of energy stored in the MANIPOORAKCHAKRA, which is located at the navel.  Ganesh is the child of Lord Shiva, the supreme PURUSH and Adi Shakti, the MOTHER of CREATION.  RIDDHI (prosperity) and SIDDHI ( spiritual powers) are married to Ganesh.
In the SANATHAN KRIYA, the first ‘sadhna’ given to a ‘sadhak’ is GANAPATI SADHNA and GANAPATI JAAP, which open the doorway to LOKAS beyond the BHULOKA —– the physical dimension in creation.  Ganesh Chaturthi is the day, when the energy of Lord Ganesh is most easily accessible to human beings.  
—– Yogi Ashwini

Clock of life

Blast from the past…


The clock of life is wound but once, and no one has the power to tell just when the hands will stop, late or early hour.  I do today that urgent task; I do it with a will, I wait not for tomorrow, my hands may then be still.

Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like stone; Kindness in another?s trouble, Courage in your own.

Man has but three events in his life:? to be born, to live and to die.  He is not conscious of his birth, he suffers at his death and he forgets to live.

Life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel.

It?s not true that life is one damn thing after another; It?s one damn thing over and over.-We live, we breathe, we die:?-somewhere in the middle, we have fifteen minutes of fame.


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Freedom from inner demons

inner_demons_by_faisalart2006We have just celebrated 67 yrs of Independence, but have we achieved freedom from our inner demons ?  Our biggest inner demon is our NEGATIVE EGO.  A negative ego makes us feel that we are superior to others —– in looks, wealth, health or in intelligence.
The worst part is that we do not realise, that when we develop a big negative ego —- it builds over time, over experience, over situations.  Sometimes, when people do not take us seriously, we shout at them, and they listen to us finally.  This makes us believe, that to get things done, we should make ourselves heard.  Similarly, if one is praised often about his/her looks, it builds an ego within that person about his good looks.  This negative ego, deludes the possessor, by making him/her feel that everything he/she does is right.  He also feels that without the negative egoistic identity, he would be suppressed upon. 
This negative ego may give temporary happiness —– when people listen to us, do things the way we want, appreciate our looks, but people may be doing so out of some selfish interests.  And when their interests will no longer be fulfilled, they will stop fuelling our negative ego.  Then we will feel depressed.
The best way to get a reality check on our negative ego, is to observe our feelings when someone praises us and when someone criticises us.  If we feel happy when someone praises us and feel sad when someone criticises us, it is a sure sign that we do possess this INNER DEMON OF NEGATIVE EGO.  But if we remain neutral, then it shows that we have no negative ego.  So, if we do not kill this inner demon, we cannot enjoy actual freedom.
The first step is to overcome the fear of what will happen if we let go of our negative ego.  We need to be assured that once we kill this negative ego, we will  realise our true potential, our true self, our true identity, our pristine consciousness.
The second step is to gather courage and ask our near and dear ones as to what our shortcomings are.  No one knows us better than our family and friends.  But they should feel that you will be open to their criticism.  So, like our country fought against the British rule to gain Independence, we should fight against our INNER DEMONS and attain freedom from pain and sorrow.
———–Sadhguru Jain.

Viva Chennai!

CHENNAI celebrated her 375th birthday last week.  The celebrations ought to have been nationwide, highlighting all the wonderful dimensions of Chennai and her residents.  Chennai rocks.  Chennai has a heart.  Chennai has culture, Chennai has a mind-blowing history.  Chennai is cosmopolitan,  Chennai has great food, a superb coastline, iconic historic buildings, space for thousands of techies —– Chennai has FILTER COFFEE.
private-tour-half-day-chennai-sightseeing-with-government-museum-and-in-chennai-119647On the Marina, there is a circular building known as the ICE HOUSE.  Chennai, then Madras, imported ICE by sea all the way from the US, as far back as 1845, and stored it in the ICE HOUSE, where the ice remained, without melting, for months.  The building still remains, but it does not store ice any longer.  The building has been re-named VIVEKANANDAR ILLAM.  Chennai is 50yrs older than Mumbai, and 35yrs older than Kolkata.
Fishermen push their boats transporting baskets full of fishes a
Chennai far pre-dated the British settlement at Fort St. George.  The Kapaleeswarar Temple was built by the Tuluva Dynasty, between 1491-1570.  The Santhome Basilica, was built in the 16th century.  The Luz Church, the Armenian Church, in perfect harmony with Tidel Park proudly believed to be the largest park in Asia.  Higginbothams, India’s oldest bookstore, Kalakshetra, the oldest dance school in India, the Theosophical Society all exist in Chennai.
One of India’s oldest Universities, is the Madras University —– established in 1857, India’s 1st newspaper began in Madras, India’s 1st bank —- Madras Bank was established in 1682.  The Chennai Corporation is the second oldest civic body in the world, coming only after the London Corporation and the 6km long coastline, the Marina, the 2nd widest beach in the world. 
The FILTER COFFEE is unparalleled.  Cinema was patriotic, and that’s why the 1st film star Chief Minister was from Tamil Nadu.  The city boasts of Nobel Laureates, chess grandmasters, music legends.  VIVA CHENNAI. 
—-Jayanthi Natarajan, Public Affairs.

The changed cross

standing by the cross
There is a poem called “THE CHANGED CROSS”.  It tells about a weary one who thought that her cross was surly heavier than those of others, whom she saw about her. She slept. and in her dreams she was led to a place where many crosses, of different shapes and sizes, lay.  There was a beautiful little one, set in jewels and gold.  She took it up, but her weak form shook beneath it.  Next, she saw a lovely cross with fair flowers entwined around its structured form.  She lifted I, but under the flowers were thorns which tore her flesh.  At last, she came to a plain cross, without jewels, without flowers, but with only a few words of love inscribed upon it.  She took it up and it proved the easiest to be borne.  As she looked upon it, she recognized it as her own old cross.
God knows best what cross we need to bear.  We do not know how heavy other people’s crosses are.  We envy someone who is rich; his is a golden cross, set with jewels, but we do not know how heavy it is.  We see someone whose life seems very lovely.  She bears a cross twined with flowers.  Thus, if we could try all the other crosses, that we think are lighter than our own, we would, at last, find that none of them suited us so as our own.
———Glimpses through Life’s Windows. 

Hanx writer

A new app for the iPad, aims to create the nostalgic sense of typing on a manual typewriter, but ramped up to meet the demands of digital-age word processing. 
The brainchild of Tom Hanks, the app, perhaps aptly called HANX WRITER, replicates the aural and visual sensations of old-fashioned typing.  The app allows users to type emails, letters and stories on a virtual typewriter, accompanied by the sound of clanking keys, as each character appears on the page beneath the type hammer.  Users can also “insert” new pages or pull pages up or down to adjust where text appears —– just as they would with an old-school manual.  After text is written, it can be emailed, printed, and shared from the app. ———-The free app includes one style of typewriter with two more on offer featuring different sounds, visuals, ribbon colours and other features, at $2.99 each.  According to Clinton Mills, co-founder and CEO of Hitcents, the Bowling Green, Kentucky-based creative agency that developed the app, the appeal lies in hearing the rhythm of one’s work.  “Whenever you type, the sounds the typewriter makes you feel like you’re composing something special,” he said.
Mills said Hanks was actively involved throughout the creative process and often came up with solutions to challenges.  “He wanted to create a product that gave the nostalgia of a typewriter, but also composed well.  He didn’t want it to be gimmicky”.  The company plans to continue developing the app and will add more keyboards to the three now available. 

He giveth quietness

QUIETNESS amid the dash of the storm.  We sail the lake with Him still; and as we reach its middle waters, far from land, under midnight skies, suddenly a great storm sweeps down.  Earth and hell seem arrayed against us, and each billow threatens to overwhelm.  Then He arises from His sleep, and rebukes the winds and the waves.  His hand waves benediction and repose over the rage of the tempestuous elements.  His voice is heard over the scream of the wind and the conflict of the billows, “PEACE, BE STILL”.  And, instantly, there is a great calm.  HE GIVETH QUIETNESS.  Quietness amid the loss of inward consolations.  He, sometimes, withdraws these, because we are tempted to look at our joy or our visions —-with too great complacency.  He draws nigh and whispers the assurance of His presence.
He, whose homeless feet have pressed our path of pain
Whose hands have borne the burden of our sorrow
That in our losses we might find our gain.
Of all Thy gifts and infinite consolation
I ask but this : in every troubled hour
To hear Thy voice through all the tumults stealing
And rest serene beneath its tranquil power.
Cares cannot fret me if my soul be dwelling
In the still air of faith’s untroubled day
Grief cannot shake me if I walk beside Thee
My hand in Thine along the darkening way.
Content to know there comes a radiant morning
When from all shadows I shall find release
Serene to wait the rapture of its dawning
Who can make trouble when THOU SENDEST PEACE ?