Feathers as canvas for art

Indiana-based Folk Artist, Jamie Homeister has chosen an unconventional canvas for her beautiful animal and bird paintings : ——-FEATHERS.  According to Bored Panda, Jamie usually receives the feathers from customers, who commission her to paint images of the birds, that the given feathers actually belonged to.  She says, that the meticulous process of painting on feathers, is sometimes no easier than ‘painting on blades of grass’.  However, she finds working with feathers highly inspiring.  “FEATHERWORK is an incredibly humbling medium…. you really have to let the materials speak to you, not only in their formation, but also how you can manipulate the canvas to best represent the chosen animal.  The feathers splice, buckle, splinter and shred —- under the weight of paint,” explains Jamie.  “Yet, the challenge is an honourable one.”
Jamie Homeister, Pair of Conures painted on their own Feathers, 5 inches by 4
JAMIE HOMEISTER, is a Folk Artist, based in Indiana, but her work is influenced most by her Canadian Heritage.  While her FEATHERWORK gives a hard nod to the Native American Culture, her PAPER & CANVAS PIECES are often representative of her emotional memories.  Regardless of its form, Jamie’s ARTWORK is intended to be SOUL FOOD, and her intention is for the viewer to make a PERSONAL CONNECTION with each and very piece.  She says,” There is a burning desire, in me, to create.  That is my driving force ………… TO JUST MAKE.

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