The nail chronicles

On the busy ORR, scores of commuters routinely fall victim to the ‘nail mafia’.  But one man has begun a silent resistance, by combing the stretch on his own.  Benedict Jebakumar, a systems engineer, at a tech company on ORR, is the most unlikely of heroes.  He is one who has spent months, surviving multiple instances of flat tyres on this stretch, and has maintained a diary ——– NAIL CHRONICLES.  His diary speaks of his initial struggles with the contrived accidents, and his eventual kick-off of a campaign to clean up the road himself —-a GANDHIGIRI of sorts to make a larger point.  Till date, he has combed the 6km ORR stretch four times.
His DE-NAILING OPERATIONS, on the ORR trace their origins to the 1st week of July.  He was surprised to find, that all the nails were of the same type and were found at designated places, which were incidentally, NEAR PUNCTURE REPAIR SHOPS. ———————–He took up a special mission to comb the ORR —– FOR NAILS.  At first, he picked up the nails, with his bare hands.  His son suggested he use a magnet, but it was not big enough.  So, he went for a bigger magnet that could hold up to 50 nails.  But, that magnet, too, proved useless.  He has now collected about 1.5kg of NAILS.  He, further, says,” I am committed to continue my mission of cleaning up the road often and am now expecting to have a team, that will take care of the COMBING OPERATIONS, until the authorities wake up”.  
Way to go, Mr. Benedict!

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