Self realization

Seekers often visit ashrams and monasteries where they can learn meditation and self-realisation.  They spend years with enlightened Masters, to become rooted in the process.  They go through all kinds of tests, before the Master declares that they have realised themselves and can be on their own.  The tests that they undergo are not superficial.
A Zen Master sent his chief disciple to a caravanserai, for his last examination.  The disciple said, “What am I to do in that caravanserai ?”  The Master replied, “Just go and watch whatever is happening there, and bring the news to me.  That is going to decide whether you are going to be my successor or not.”  The disciple went to the caravanserai and watched everything, because it was a question of tremendous importance.  When he returned he said, “I saw that the owner of the caravanserai cleans the mirror in the evening —- EACH EVENING —- and again in the morning he cleans the mirror.  So I asked him, “You cleaned the mirror just a few hours ago, why are you cleaning it again ?”  The owner said, “The dust goes on gathering every moment, so clean the mirror whenever you have time.  You will always some dust which has gathered”.  “And Master, I have come to the conclusion that you were right in sending me to the caravanserai.  This is actually the CASE WITH THE MIND —- clean it every moment, because every moment, just by its nature, DUST GOES ON GATHERING.”
To see things, as they really are, you have to be absolutely EMPTY —just a mirror.  Your mirror should be clean —- without any dust, without any prejudice, without any religion.  Just a pure REFLECTIVE MIRROR, and you will see things, AS THEY REALLY ARE.  The whole world cannot be turned into a mirror, only our own self can be tuned into a mirror.  That is why the SEEKER OF TRUTH begins by making a MIRROR OF HIMSELF.  Of course, we are all mirrors already, but COVERED WITH DUST.  A mirror that is covered with dust, cannot reflect.  The dust on the mirrors of our self is gathered from our desires, our innumerable actions, and from our becoming constantly THE DOER.  Meditation is a process of deep cleaning to come to SELF-REALISATION in its absolute purity.

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