Rubber legz

03-rauf_yasitBerlin-based professional dancer, Rauf Yasit, is aptly known as RUBBER LEGZ, because of his amazing ability to contort himself into all sorts of IMPOSSIBLE POSES.  His photographs are called FREEZES, and are actually self-portraits that he sets a timer for and quickly runs in front of the camera to get into pose.
The dancer is compiling the best among the poses into a photo-book, titled THE IMPOSSIBLE BODY.  According to, an old back injury was the reason Yasit started incorporating contortions into his dance moves, as he could not perform acrobatics anymore. 
tumblr_ma1ex8di1P1rqxaljo1_500In 1988, he first started attending the break dancing spot in his hometown, Celle, in Germany.  “Making my way wasn’t easy,” he says.  “Many dancers on the scene disrespected my style, telling me that what I was doing wasn’t breaking.”  But, over the years, Yasit turned the disrespect and criticism into creativity.  He pushed break dancing in a darker, more mature way.  THE IMPOSSIBLE BODY PROJECT is Yasit’s way of remembering his break dance roots.  “Street dance gave me so much power and strength, because it comes from pain and anger.  That’s why breaking is always hard.  It is like a fight with your body —— as a weapon,” he says.

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