Thou remainest

There are always lone hearth-fires ——- SO MANY !  Those who sit beside them cannot restrain the tears that come.  Charlie Chaplain’s words come to mind : I ALWAYS LIKE WALKING IN THE RAIN, SO NO ONE CAN SEE ME CRYING.
One sits ALONE so much, but there is ONE unseen, just here within reach.  But, somehow, we do not realise His presence.  Realising is blessed — BUT RARE.  It belongs to the mood, to the feelings.  It is dependent on weather conditions and bodily conditions.  The rain, the heavy fog outside, the poor sleep, the twinging pain ——– these make one’s mood so much, they seem to blur out the realising.  But there is something, a little higher up than realising.  It is more blessed.  It is independent of those outer conditions, it is something that abides.  It is this : Recognizing that PRESENCE UNSEEN ——- so wondrous, so quieting, so soothing, so calming and warm.  RECOGNIZE HIS PRESENCE —— the Master’s own.  He is here, close by; His PRESENCE is real.  Some ONE is present, a warm-hearted FRIEND, an all-powerful God.  And this the joyful truth for weeping hearts everywhere, whatever be the hand that has drawn the tears; by whatever the STREAM IT BE THAT YOUR WEEPING WILLOW IS PLANTED.
——- S. D. Gordon
When from my life the old-time joys have vanished
Treasures, once mine, I may no longer claim
This truth may feed my hungry heart, and famished  
Lord, THOU REMAINEST, Thou art still the same.
When streams have dried, those streams of glad refreshing
Friendships so blest, so rich, so free
When sun-kissed skies give place to clouds depressing
Lord, THOU REMAINEST, still my heart hath Thee.
When strength hath failed, and feet, now worn and weary
on gladsome errands may no longer go
Why should I sigh, or let the days be dreary ?
Lord, THOU REMAINEST, Could’st Thou more bestow ?
Thus through life’s days —–whoever or what may fail me
Friends, friendships, joys, in small or great degree
Songs may be mine, no sadness need assail me
Lord, THOU REMAINEST ! Still my heart hath Thee.
—-J. Danson Smith.

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