Arty Facts

Neanderthal rock engraving at Gorham s Cave in Gibraltar(1) Abstract Art in Gibraltar : —— The oldest known example of abstract art has been discovered in a cave in Gibraltar.  The work, a series of criss-crossed lines cut into stone, was carried out 40,000 yrs ago.  The work was created by Neanderthals, close relatives of modern humans, who until now had been considered incapable of abstract thought and expression.  The work, uncovered I 2012 and measuring about one square metre, consists of 8 lines, cut deep into the rock that is arranged in two groups of three long cuts and two shorter ones, reports The Guardian. 
16711133-origpic-8c8231(2) Creative Touch On Minerals : —– Austria-based illustrator Karina Eibatova, has produced a stunning collection of watercolour illustrations.  Called MINERAL ADMIRATION, the artworks were hand-painted by Eibatova on a heavy paper, according to the website  Influenced by earth and space, Katrina delicately transforms floral motifs into her own surreal, psychedelic scenes, rebelling against the remorseless actions of society and the continual destruction of the environment. 
Nike Portrait(3) Athletes Illustrated Using Just A Logo : —– Andy Gellenberg, based in Trier, Germany, has created a series of Illustrations of athletes.  Andy is popular in his community for his works —- Hip Hop Portraits, Tim Duncan —– the big fundemantal and his other sport-related illustrations like World Cup 2014.  He, periodically, shares his work and the evolution of his portraits on  The interesting thing about this particular series is that Andy has used just the ICONIC LOGO of NIKE to complete his portraits.  He has used his technical knowledge about the role of shadow and light in art.  Andy has carefully arranged multitude of logos, which come to life because of the attention that is given to minor details.  The artists, portrayed in this series, are Lebron James, Tiger Woods and Paul Rodriguez. 
hyemi-jeong-illustration-25(4) Common Place Objects Inspire Doodles : —– Canadian illustrator Hyemi Jeong has used small everyday objects and combined it with his illustrations, which are cute and creative.  According to Ufunk, the illustrations are minimal with just base-line sketches.  Some of the objects, used in the series, are bobby pins, popcorn, nibs, scissors, sharpener, leaf, apple and more.  In some cases, the work is also significant, as the objects used are carefully thought about. 

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