The power of acceptance

Happiness lies in the unconditional acceptance of everyday situations, which generally make us sad or angry.  Try to accept things — as they are.  According to “Psychology Today”, adopting an attitude of acceptance can neutralise unpleasant experiences and transform them into pleasant ones.  David Richo, author of “The Five Things We Cannot Change And The Happiness We Find By Embracing Them”, says learning to accept things is in our hands.  “When we oppose, we resist reality, and life becomes an endless series of disappointments, frustrations and sorrows.  Once we learn to accept and embrace, we find real happiness,” he says.
Motivational Speaker, Deepak Chopra says, “Nothing brings down walls as effectively as acceptance.”  Most of us are unhappy because we want people to react the way we want them to, and situations to be exactly the way we want them to be.  Spiritual Guru, B. K. Shivani says, “We should never make our happiness dependent on our expectations being met.  Because when they are unfulfilled, we create an energy of resistance and rejection.  The mind becomes unstable.  If we accept, our mind remains stable and calm.”  Spiritual Expert, Ma Naina of Osho says, “It’s important to be aware that abuse and oppression should never be accepted.  Some people torture themselves by carrying a grudge for too long.  But once you have tasted the power of acceptance, your life will be different.”  
In everyday life, we come across things that disturb us.  We cannot change many of them.  Acceptance gives you proper perspective of things and situations around you.  If you don’t learn to accept, you’ll go on chasing shadows and faraway mirages for ever, never realising that they only look beautiful when you are far from them.

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