Shape your life

SHAPES affect our subconscious mind.  The energy and power of shapes can be effectively harnessed to change one’s life for the better.  From ancient times, shapes have been used in different rituals in the form of geometrical patterns, called YANTRAS & MANDALAS.
Interior designers make effective use of shapes in their designs.  Besides aesthetics, this is also because we respond differently to different shapes.  How and why can a shape affect our mind and life ?  The secret lies in the Theory of Five Elements.  According to the Theory, each shape belongs to one or the other of five elements —– water, air, fire, earth and space.  According to SANKHYA PHILOSOPHY, the world is made up of these five elements.  Their balance or imbalance decides the success or failure of efforts in that space.
Shapes present easy and practical means to restore the balance of these five elements.  Geometrical patterns were meant to attract happiness, health and prosperity in the lives of the residents of a particular space or area.  Rituals, like making a RANGOLI or creation of VEDI during a traditional marriage are also to create a particular effect.
In Ancient Egyptian Civilisation, particular shapes were advised to alter the patterns of subconscious mind and to create a particular effect in the life of a person.  Even today, certain numerology experts advise their clients to incorporate most suitable shape or stroke in their signatures to attract more money, fortune and growth in their life. Shapes are also ENERGY, and energy once contained within a boundary assumes a form, and thus assumes certain qualities.  Important shapes like a circle, an oval, a square, a rectangle, a triangle and wavy lines have their own characteristics and are effectively used in vastu.
* A WAVY SHAPE represents FLOW.  It has the power of cleansing your mind, body and soul.  When placed in north (vastu zone of MONEY) it will help you attract new opportunities in life.  *A RECTANGULAR SHAPE represents GROWTH, and when placed in east (vastu zone of SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY) it will help you develop beneficial connections.  *A TRIANGULAR SHAPE represents FIRE & AGGRESSION, and when placed in the south-east zone, it will improve cash flow and release blocked payments.  *A SQUARISH SHAPE represents STABILITY & PERFECTION.  When placed in south-west, it will improve your relationships and skills.  *A CIRCULAR SHAPE represents FULFILLMENT, and should be put in the west (vastu zone of gains and profits).
It is recommended to use shapes (as vastu remedies) only on the basis of accurate vastu analysis.  SHAPE YOUR LIFE.
—–Khushdeep Bansal.

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