Tabata workout

The TABATA WORKOUT, a super high-intensity internal training (HIIT) routines takes only a few minutes but promises to burn as many calories as you would in an hour of running or cycling. 
One of the most popular HIIT forms today, TABATA intervals are only 20secs long, with 10secs of rest in between —— repeated 8 times.  This can be done with any form of cardio exercise —– running, swimming, cycling, jumping rope —– and can be done anywhere.  Discovered by Japanese professor, Izumi Tabata in the 70s, this ‘fat-burning miracle’ workout is great for those who are pressed for time.  In fact, if done correctly, just 4mins of Tabata could produce better fitness results, than an entire hour of running on a treadmill. 
WARM UP : —– Since this workout is so intense, you need to spend at least 8 to 10mins warming up.  Your warm-up exercise should be similar to the type of Tabata workout you are going to follow.  For example, if you’re going to do sprints, warm up with walking then jogging. 
COOL DOWN : —– At the end of your workout, take 10mins to slow your heart rate by working at a lower intensity, doing the same movement you did in your workout.  After that, spend a few minutes stretching. 
FOR BEGINNERS : —– To incorporate this workout in your regime, swap one or two of your usual cardio workouts every week for quick Tabata training.
Who should try this workout : —– Since this workout requires one to physically push oneself to the extreme, this level of intensity is not suitable for everyone.  It is appropriate for healthy, advanced exercisers.  This ensures that you have better awareness of how hard to push your body and when to stop.
According to a recent study, people who performed Tabata training five days a week for six weeks ( a total of 120 mins of exercise over a month-and-a-half) improved both their aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

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