Fusion fare

Chef Vivek Kapoor, with over 20yrs of experience, spent three months developing the menu at My Indian Oven restaurant on Richmond Road.  Most of it sounds like your standard Indian cuisine, but there’s a twist to this traditional fare.  The end result  are flavours that sound familiar but taste unique.
There’s Tandoor Jhinga — regular prawns in Tandoori masala cooked in a clay oven but here’s the twist: it’s then rolled in wasabi mayo.  Another dish — the Gicchi Qubuli —- a pulao made with rare Kashmiri morels. ——– the dessert menu is another case in point with concoctions such as Chocolate Dalchini Halwa and Masala Chai Custard.  These unusual flavours ad a new dimension to the food that we have known for ages.  Kapoor says, “The trick is to balance out the flavours.  Choose bland food items like phirni or custard and add new flavours.  Here he shares with us some of his signature recipes.
(1) MASALA CHAI CUSTARD : —- Ingredients : 500ml cream, I vanilla pod, 100gm castor sugar, 6 Earl Grey tea bags, 90gm vanilla custard powder, 6 green cardamom pods, 20gm ginger, 20gm cinnamon, I star anise.  FOR THE CHIKKI : — 60gm roasted sesame seeds or amaranth, 60gm sugar. ——————– Method : —- Split vanilla pod and scrape the seeds into the cream in a saucepan. Add spices to the cream and bring it to a boil, then remove from heat.  Add tea bags and rest it in the mix for 10mins.  Bring vanilla custard to boil with some milk (as per pack instructions) and mix it in the cream.  Sieve the mixture and put it in the ramekin in double boiler at 145degrees for 45mins.  To make the chikki : — Melt the sugar on medium flame.  As soon as it caramalises, spread the caramel in a thin layer on a silpat (a silicon pastry mat, which is readily available in most supermarkets, works best as the caramel will come off easily) and sprinkle the sesame over it, then break into large pieces and garnish the custard with the caramalised shards.
(2) CHOCOLATE DALCHINI HALWA : —– Ingredients : 500gm atta, 500gm ghee, 500gm sugar, 600gm dark Belgian chocolate, 150ml milk, 50gm pine nuts, 20gm fried gond (edible gum)  METHOD : —-In a pan, heat ghee, add atta and stir till it is cooked.  Meanwhile, melt chocolate on a double boiler and keep aside.  Gradually add sugar to the atta and mix well.  Add melted chocolate to the halwa on a very slow flame.  Add milk till the halwa is of smooth consistency.  Garnish with pine nuts and fried gond.
1999972891tandoori jhinga
(3) TANDOORI JHINGA : —- Ingredients :  400gm prawns, 15gm ginger-garlic paste, salt to taste, 15ml lime juice (for the Tandoori masala), 80gm hung yogurt, 5gm red chilli powder, 5gm garam masala powder, 2gm ajwain (for wasabi mayo) 10gm wasabi, 25gm mayo. ——————–Method : —— Marinate the prawns with the ginger-garlic paste and lime for 30mins.  Then add the Tandoori masala ingredients and mix well.  Skewer and char-grill in the tandoor or oven.  Mix the wasabi and mayo and roll the prawns in this mix.  Serve hot with mint chutney.   Enjoy the twists.

3 thoughts on “Fusion fare

  1. Wow this is so unique!! I love masala chai and I love custard. Your restaurant must be all lovely with such unique menu… Would love your view on my latest experiment at my blog:

    Beety Sesamy Flavour-Burst Rice Bowl ! Beetroot, fenugreek aromatic mix rice bowl in sweet, sour, hot flavours


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