A son’s prayer

Prayer. Young boy says his prayers. #1ab.

Most of us know or have heard about THE LORD’S PRAYER, which starts like this : “Our Father Who art in Heaven ………”  Here is A SON’S PRAYER, somewhat on the same lines.

Our father, who lives back home

We uphold your name

Let your family expand

Let your ways be done, wherever we go

Even as they are at home.


Give us today what we need the most

And forgive us our mistakes

Even as we forgive our brothers, sisters and friends

Lead us not into bitter lessons

But save us from harm.


For your family, you are the authority

The strength and the reputation

For me and my children

And their children’s children thereafter

And so it is, Amen.


———— The author of THE SON’S PRAYER was 12,000 miles away from his Dad.


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