The transforming house

SHARIFI-ha or Sharif’s home.  The 7-floor SHARIFI-ha, in Tehran, is the award-nominated creation of locally-based designers NEXT ONE.  The house is located in Tehran’s leafy Darrous district ——– considered one of the most affluent and fashionable.
The design is nominated for a World Architecture Festival Award, that takes place this October (2014) in Singapore.  The design of the house aims the most of its narrow frontage.  Each of the wooden-looking “blocks” —– the top office room rotates on a base usually used for theatrical stage sets.  Below, the “block” contains a guest bedroom, which can be opened up to the sun, in summer or closed to keep warm, in winter.  On the floor blow there is a breakfast room which can also be turned .
When “open”, each “block” reveals a terrace, providing extra space, in the summer.  When open the house is flooded with light through the front façade.  When the boxes are closed, the building captures sunlight throughout the central space, which also connects the 2 halves of the house by suspended bridges.  The ground floor holds a shallow aquatic pool, which provides the ceiling for the lower levels, allowing dappled light to enter.  Below the rotating rooms, the “wellness areas” provide a place for the inhabitants to relax. The house is also home to all the luxury features, including a gym.
SHARIFI-ha has 3 rooms that can open in summer and close in winter.  The design is inspired by traditional Iranian houses, that have different living rooms for the two seasons.  The temperatures in Iran can rise above 40degrees or plummet well below freezing point.. 

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