Life in color

Alina Dizik, for BBC tells us what the colour of your tie says about you.   The colour RED :  A RED TIE is a POWER TIE —- shows strength and passion.  The darker red (BURGUNDY) can help build trust.  The LIGHTER RED can be more a statement about your personal style and be associated with creativity.  A PINK TIE can, sometimes, signal “solidarity with women”.
ROYAL PURPLE shows a bit of self-confidence and helps create lasting first impressions.  FORMAL BLACK COLOUR can feel arrogant or overdressed, in many situations.  It’s smarter to stick to GREY SHADES which give a more sophisticated look, without seeming pretentious.  GREY is kind of edgy, and it can look modern if paired with a lighter, pastel-coloured shirt.  GREEN can signal several things from re-birth to the colour of money, in some countries.  It is too loud —- for the workplace.  BRIGHT GREEN is too distracting.  A LIGHT GREEN TIE, with a subtle print, can pair well with a neutral-coloured shirt.
YELLOW is  a traditional tie colour in some countries, including England, and it signals assurance along with radiance and vitality.  YELLOW TIES make you more approachable to colleagues, because it is a vibrant colour that is symbolic of the Sun.  It shows optimism and a positive outlook on life. BLUE TIES are a good investment, because the colour reminds people of the sky and the ocean and has a calming effect.  It is the safest colour to wear.  SUBTLE BLUE is soft and introspective.  COBALT or ROYAL BLUE help you to stand out just the right amount. NAVY BLUE is a trusted colour and gives confidence.
A BROWN TIE can signal a dull personality.  A BEIGE TIE makes you look too relaxed.  Avoid pairing EARTH TONE HUES with similarly coloured shirts.  If you are eager for a promotion, and want to stand out in the workplace, skip BROWN ——- altogether.

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